The Healing Power of Echinacea


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The use of Echinacea on wounds, infections, snake bites, insect bites and stings is beyond the miracles of modern medicine ever. It boosts the immune system about 30% to help the body’s own T-cells fight infection and rid itself of poisons. It contains a natural antibiotic which is comparable to penicillin.
Used as a mouthwash will get rid of canker sores, painful teeth and swollen gums.

I have advised many of my subjects to use a combination of Echinacea and Golden Seal as a cure for strep throat. The results have had immediate effect and the streptococcus was gone within a few days.

  • Remedy:
  • Combine in equal parts.

    Put about a tablespoon of the powder in a muslin cloth tea bag and steep in boiling hot water for 10 minutes. Using it as hot as you can stand but not too hot to scold the tonsils, gargle for about 5 minutes at least 6 times a day of not more. This will treat the strep and soothe the throat but most important of all it will eventually release the pus sacs, in tact, at the back of the throat. When you spit out the liquid after gargling you will spit out the pus sacs as well. You may do well to put 1 or 2 drops of the liquid in each ear. This will help the itching go away.

    Continue use for about 10 days.
    Echinacea tea can be used for colds, smallpox, measles, mumps and arthritis.

  • Remedy:
  • Put about a tablespoon of the powder in a muslin cloth tea bag and steep in boiling hot water for 20 minutes.

    Remove tea bag and drink very warm, about 6 cups a day throughout the day. You will notice that urination is more frequent and may be a darker color than usual. This is normal don’t worry, its cleansing the system.

    You may also notice that if a slight fever is present, that it will be lessened if not gone.
    If fever or symptoms persist with anything for more than three days, it would be wise to consult a physician, as other problems may be present.

  • Tea Bags:
  • About 1-1/2 X 2 inches in size and made of muslin with a cotton string.

    One tea bag can be used at least three times. So, after each use put it in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge. Discard product but do not discard the tea bag, wash it and reuse it.

  • Point in Fact:
  • My neighbor has a black lab named Abby. She is the sweetest old gal at the age of 14. The other day she got into a tiff with the other neighbor’s dog and acquired a gaping hole in her leg. My neighbor didn’t realize she was wounded until the fur on Abby’s leg started coming off in clumps. All he had on hand at the time was a bottle of capsulated Echinacea pills to treat the wound until he could take Abby to the Vet.
    I told him to clean the wound with peroxide saturated cotton, let dry and empty 1/2 of the powdered Echinacea pill inside the wound, spray it gently with water to moisten, wrap and leave on until the morning. The next day when he removed the wrap, pus came out in a stream and you could see the swelling in the leg go down. He drained the wound for about 10 minutes then repeated my instructions. As the wound was too deep, Abby was unable to get stitches, so the wound was left to treat. He repeated my instructions reapplying fresh Echinacea twice a day. By the third day the wound was practically closed with the scab forming and the infection was gone. He was truly amazed at the Healing Power of Echinacea and quite frankly, so was I.
  • Echinacea will also treat these other diseases: influenza, tonsillitis, bronchitis, tuberculosis, meningitis, abscesses, psoriasis, whooping cough, ear infections, herpes, cold sores, cancers, leukemia, some tumors.
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