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Allergies With Certain Foods You Eat


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It can be difficult not to eat something that you really like to eat because you have allergies. A lot of people are allergic to a type of food and a lot of the time children can grow out of these and be able to eat these foods later on in life. Having this kind of food allergy is one of the top three things that people are most allergic to. This can also be misunderstood as just a food intolerance which is less severe and different in treating.

Common foods that people are allergic to are shellfish, nuts which include eating peanut butter, and dairy which include milk/cheese/ice cream/and anything with dairy in it. Kids can start out not being able to eat certain foods but then they are able to grow out of it and eat it when they grow up. This doesn't happen to everyone though.


If you aren't sure if you have allergies or not then you should get tested by your doctor to find out for sure. There are some clear symptoms that people get when they eat certain foods that you should be aware of. You won't be able to eat the food at all without having an allergic reaction unlike a food intolerance which is where you can eat small portions of the food once in a while with very mild side effects.

Some of the symptoms can include swelling, itchy skin, watery eyes, upset stomach, rash, unable to breathe, and coughing. If you have any of these symptoms when you eat something you should write it down and see if the next time you eat that food it happens again. If you are unable to breathe from eating something then you should get help right away and stay away from that food all together.


Peanuts are the most common food allergies among children. If your child is allergic to this food there is a one in five chance that they will grow out of it someday. You should get tested every few years just to make sure if you are still allergic to a food because you might be able to eat it after you grow up which can be really great for some people. You should avoid giving your child any food or meal that has something in it that causes them to have symptoms. Common foods that kids are allergic to are milk, nuts, and eggs which can be in a lot of foods so you should get them tested right when they start to experience any symptoms from eating these foods. These can be prevented by avoiding the food all together and just being aware of what you are giving to your child.

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