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Wines And Allergies


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As much as we love food, there are just some food elements that our body simply do not work very well with. There are various reactions to which the body demonstrates it to us and we commonly see it as allergies. A lot of people love ice cream, yogurt, cheese, pastries. But not all people can eat such dairy products. There are people who are lactose-intolerant, that with a certain intake, would give upset stomach and the likes. A lot of people also love seafood. And again, not everyone can take pleasure in eating crabs, shrimps, lobsters, oysters. Because of seafood allergy, they tend to avoid these foods and totally eliminate it in their dinner table.

Another common allergy that we commonly hear is from drinking red wine. We hear grumbles of the negative effect when drinking this kind of wine. And we often wonder, how would this thing happen and what is it in wine that gives us headaches?

This is sulfite allergy we are talking about. This is some kind of a group of chemical compounds, which includes sulfur dioxide, sodium sulfite, and sodium and potassium bisulfite. It occurs naturally but is sometimes added to food used as a preservative. There are a lot of food that contains sulfite. It is present in some fruit juices, dried fruits, pickled food and wine. And that is where we get the headaches from drinking red wine.

Although experts pointed out that white wine contains more sulfites than red, yet it has not been associates with a lot of headache reports. An allergic reaction is commonly the adverse effect of sulfites. It can potentially trigger asthma, so those who suffer this ailment should minimize and better yet avoid over consumption of sulfite-rich food and drinks. It is fairly easy to determine the packaged food you eat if it contains sulfite. Looking at the label with the nutritional information can help you out. Asking for a list of high-sulfite food list from your doctor can work wonders. That will also help you familiarize the list so you will know what to avoid. Though it is a little tricky when you eat out in a restaurant when you will not have an idea of all the ingredients they use. Bringing it out with the waiter or the chef about your allergy will clear out all tensions in the table.

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