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Foods and Allergies


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Food allergies are among the most common and prevalent type of allergy. Estimates show that up to 12 million Americans are suffering from some type of food allergy.

While there are many foods that people are allergic to, among the most common culprits we find eggs, fish and shellfish, dairy products, peanuts, other tree nuts and wheat

While some foods cause allergic reactions, others including lime, can be used to help relieve other types of allergy symptoms. One method for using lime that many allergy sufferers recommend involves mixing the juice of one lime or half of a lime with a glass of room temperature drinking water. It can take a month or two of drinking this mixture before symptoms are relieved. Sometimes people recommend adding a teaspoon full of local honey to the lime and water. Honey that comes from your local area is known to contain compounds found only in your own area that provide relief from allergy symptoms.

Many children tend to outgrow their food allergies as they age. Others will carry these allergies through into adulthood and continue to suffer from them their entire lives.

Bananas are another food that is said to provide relief from allergies. Eating at least one and ideally two bananas every day for month or two is the method recommended by some people who have found it effective. Although bananas can provide relief for several forms of allergies, most say they tend to provide more relief to those who suffer from skin allergies or skin rashes that develop due to a small allergic reaction.

Although these common food products will likely provide you with relief, it is important to eat them with caution. No matter what types of allergies you suffer with, the liklihood of developing other symptoms exists. With that in mind, those who suffer from food allergies may not be able to eat a banana without having an allergic reaction themselves. it is always best to be cautious when experimenting with food if you are prone to allergies. While most people are safe eating a banana or a lime, you never know what may trigger a reaction so doing your research is always a good idea. This may involve scheduling a visit with your doctor or using the internet, namely trusted medical websites like WebMD, to do your own research

If you suffer from any of the more common food allergies, you should always ask the preparer of any dish you plan to eat what the dish was made from. When dining out, it is always best to ask if your food has been prepared with or near any known allergens. It may seem rude but asking these questions can save you a trip to the emergency room.

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