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Hinderance measures against latex allergy


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Latex – is a revised succus of a tree Hevea braziliensis that grows in Africa and Asia with addition of some chemical substances. The word latex is a synonym of ‘natural rubber’. Latex is used in many fields and products.

Some people are born with transmitted predisposition to latex allergy. Still, a frequent contact with latex materials can cause allergy. In this showcase the jeopardy of getting such allergy rises. Thither is interesting connectedness between nutrient allergy and latex allergy. Late search has shown that people who suffer from latex allergy let besides allergic reactions to such fruits as bananas, kiwi, papaw, avocado and apricot. This interaction with food allergy truly exists but the causes are yet unknown.

Among the main symptoms of latex allergy are modification of skin, edema, redness and itchiness. The irritation of mucose tunica and asthma are besides usual.

The most terrible effect of latex allergy is anaphylactic blow. In this case antishock actions must be started immediately and a patient required to get intramuscular injection of adrenalin. If it is necessary this shot must be repeated every 5-20 minutes.

Latex allergy is incurable sickness – you can only battle against its symptoms. The best way is to avoid the development of it.

As recently as 10-15 years ago this type of allergy was observed only among aborigines of some countries (for example Indonesia) who collected natural wood latex. Later latex allergy was noticed among children later operative operations because of the contact with doctors’ latex gloves. After AIDS had been discovered the popularity of latex gloves raised dramatically, particularly among doctors and cleaners.

For this reason gloves industry began to develop latex free gloves which consist of vinyl or nitrile. Such gloves are not as firm as latex and less tactile but they give necessary security and help allergic individuals greatly.

For this reason gloves industry began to produce latex free gloves which consist of vinyl or nitrile. Such gloves are not as strong as latex and less tactile but they give necessary protection and help allergic individuals greatly.

Gloves have different pretty colors. We can recommend you to choose latex free gloves without any color because of the dyes which are often allergenic.

And don’t forget that allergies to latex free nitrile or vinyl gloves also exist, but are not as common as allergies to latex gloves

In order to prevent its symptoms it is important to create suitable surrounding. It should be noted that indoor plays a vital role. Pay attention to the fresh air in your house and if it is necessary use charcoal air filter .


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