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Herbal Allergy Relief


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Plants and herbs not only offer us vitamins, minerals and trace elements, they also provide phytonutrients (phyto=plant) that are found in plants and herbs to protect the plant from its environmental predators: sun damage, pests and toxins. It is these phytonutrients that make certain vegetations great plant and herbal allergy relief products.

Scientists have been able to use plants and herbs to create common drugs: digoxin was originally derived from foxglove and aspirin from willow bark. Before the advent of pharmaceuticals, traditional healers have long used plants in their environment for treatments: ancestors for herbal allergy relief as a branch of natural allergy cures. Although they were forgotten once antibiotics were discovered and widely used, plants and herbs are now being revitalized as a treatment approach because bacteria have become resistant to antibiotic therapy. Standard drug therapies have been less than effective in treating 20th-century diseases caused by poor nutrition, stress and environmental toxins, in addition to the side-effects that these drug cause. Natural medicines, used for generations, have the ability to stimulate the human immune system to fight its own battles, paving the way for natural plant and herbal allergy relief.

Because phytonutrients are able to enhance our body's self-protective powers, our immune system is the benefactor of plant and herbal nutrients. Plant constituents known as sterols and sterolins help the immune system to stop cancer, kill bacteria, destroy viruses or slow the ageing process. The sterolin-specific product that enhances the way our immune system works originated from Africa.

Although there are many immune-enhancing nutrients and foods, none has the immune-enhancing effects of a unique product out of Africa called ModucareTM. Developed from plants sources, this combination of sterols and sterolins has been shown to have powerful healing effects on cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis, and autoimmune disorders. ModucareTM makes for a great supplement: a natural, herbal allergy relief proven to be effective.

Also, you can get a free allergies E-book in our website here: Natural Allergy Cures. This book is about all the natural drug free ways to treat and cure allergy and asthma problems.


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