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Poison Ivy Skin Care Use Calamine Lotion and Cool Objects


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Poison ivy irritation is actually an allergic reaction, so if you are allergic to poison ivy, skin that comes in contact with it will react and develop reddish rash that is itchy, itchy, and really itchy. This rash appears in the affected area about a week to ten days after the initial contact, so if you were camping or hiking in the wild, it is most likely that you are back home when the rash appears. But this is not a golden rule, and poison ivy symptoms might appear sooner than you normally expect.

Calamine lotion is a very good poison ivy skin pain soother. Apply it right away as soon as you feel the itch and pain on your skin. Do NOT scratch that rash no matter how tempting it is to do so. It will only make matters worst. If you do not have access to calamine lotion (e. g. during camping trips), apply the skin with the coolest object that you can find (e. g. ice, cold water, frozen turkey, etc. ). The cooling effect should sooth the pain and itchiness.

Keep in mind that poison ivy is an allergic reaction; it can be life-threatening so treat it seriously. If the symptoms worsens, get medical help immediately. Sometimes the poison ivy skin that is affected will develop blisters, sores or bumps. If these blisters, sores and bumps start to extrude liquids and pus, do not hesitate; call for emergency medical help immediately. These liquids and pus may contain poison and once it gets of other parts of the body or other people, those areas will be affect as well.

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