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Preventing Childrens Seasonal Allergies


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Seasonal changes can often rack your kid's health with allergies. Allergies come in so many variants, like dust, mites, pollen even some foods, that it is often impossible to keep track of all the allergens your child might be exposed to on his/her time outside home. That said, even homes might not always be safe thanks to molds, dust mites, pollen that we carry home from outside and what not. A visit to a doctor will always prove beneficial, but before that, try these simple steps to keep your child(ren) safe from those annoying allergens.

Prevention is better than cure - this old saying still holds true. The following steps can help you keep your child safe from exposure to allergies in the first place.

1. Encourage your children to stay indoors except when it is absolutely unavoidable. It is much easier to keep them safe from pollen and dust. Wearing face masks when they go out can provide a temporary solution, but you never know when they might take it off.

2. Air-conditioning your home and keeping the doors and windows closed can provide a relatively dust free environment.

3. Avoid dry dusting your home and furniture. This stirs up a lot of potential allergens. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner and wherever possible, wipe the floor with a moist mop. This will remove the dry dust and help keep allergies at bay.

4. Did you know 75% of the dust found in our homes is in fact dead skin cells from our bodies? Use a scrubber when you take a bath to scrub off those dead cells. Besides ensuring a healthy skin, this will alone reduce dust accumulation in your home.

5. If you use a humidifier along with your air-conditioner, be careful. Humidity over 40% directly aids the growth of fungus and molds. Try to keep the humidity below 30% for safety.

But what if your kid still catches an allergy? Well, before you get to the doctor for medications, give them some relief with these home remedies.

1. A warm bath and a warm compress on the face is known to give relief from congested nose and blocked sinus cavities.

2. A cup of warm herbal tea with lemon and honey will soothe the throat as well as clear blocked noses with the vapors.

3. Instruct your kids not to rub their itchy eyes; this will only worsen the condition in the long run. Instead, wipe their eyes with moist cotton pads to alleviate the itchiness.

4. If you see your kid's nose get swollen or red from repeated rubbing or sneezing, soothe it by applying a dab of petroleum jelly.

5. Serve a spicy soup with additives like fenugreek, ginger, garlic, black pepper and onions. This will help thin the mucus and clear nasal passages.

6. Encourage your kid to gargle with 1-2 tablespoons of table salt in a glass of warm water. This will provide good relief from sore throat.

Allergies are not always mere annoyances. In severe cases, it can prove to be fatal. If your child suffers from frequent or severe allergies, be sure to consult a doctor. Some medications and even vaccines are available to prevent or cure allergies. But these can only be prescribed by a qualified physician.

Krishanu Banerjee is a contributed writer for the largest Alumni portal in India. With his research work and articles he has added an additional edge to the entertainment e-magazine BM Times. His articles reach to millions of readers every day which are varied in subjects.


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