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Chocolate Allergy

Kate Savage

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For children and all age group people's chocolate is a passion and several of them having chocolate addictions. Chocolate is present in different variety and color in market to attract children.

But antioxidants found in dark chocolate, which make us feel less guilty when we indulge more often then we should. Several people have this allergy and so they can't eat chocolate event if they wanted. For this allergy there are so many causes and many ways to prevent the chocolate allergy.

Exact Cause of Chocolate Allergy

Chocolate cocoa beans Chocolate is made up of cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are found in many countries. Making Chocolate is very vast and long process from cocoa beans. Cocoa beans first fermented, roasted, and then grinded and added with the ingredient such as, gluten, soy, corn syrup, milk, fruits, different types of nuts and additives to make desired flavors and colors. Finally it is known as chocolate and then we can eat.

In chocolate main ingredient is cacao beans and many other ingredients causing many allergies. Chocolate allergy may cause due to any of the ingredients from it like milk, soy who affected by food allergy.

Chocolate Allergy Symptoms

There are common symptoms of chocolate allergy like headache, skin rashes, heartburn, hives, rectal itching, unclear thinking, vision problem, and breathing problems, asthma. If you get any symptoms mentioned above that time you immediately consult your allergist.

Allergist will determine and diagnosis by using number of bloods and skin tests. Chocolate allergic to cocoa beans occur very rarely but usually are allergic to other ingredients.

Preventing Chocolate Allergy

Chocolate allergy can be prevented by avoiding chocolates often regularly. One way to determine allergy is follow the instructions of your allergist. Take precaution for another attack of allergy once you cured.

Treatment parts are drugging and lotions that need to be applied on rashes. Some cases allergic people can enjoy chocolate again after cured. However some people don't want to try again.

If you are looking for allergy relief information and answers for your medical questions then these websites will really helpful for you.


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Healthy Chocolate Can Also Be a Happy Chocolate
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