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Alcohol Allergy - Discover the Symptoms of an Allergy to Alcohol


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An alcohol allergy is one of the most uncommon allergies that can occur, they are also hard to diagnose because the symptoms are similar to the effects of a hangover. People who suffer from alcohol allergies are actually allergic to one of the ingredients in the beverage. In this article we take a closer look at this allergy.

Most people who suffer from this type of allergy are allergic to one of the ingredients, some of the common allergens in alcohol include wheat and sulfur dioxide which is a preservative used to increase the shelf life of the beverage. When these ingredients are consumed an allergic reaction can occur.

The symptoms of an allergic reaction to alcohol include head ache, vomiting, nausea stomach pain, stuffy nose, itchy skin, stomach cramps and heart burn to name but a few. These symptoms can occur almost instantly or within hours of alcohol being consumed. As you can see some of these symptoms that occur are similar to having a hangover, for example head aches and nausea, this is why many people who have an alcohol allergy are actually oblivious to the fact.

If you are one of the few people who suffer from an alcohol allergy you may want to stop drinking alcohol full stop, this way you are guaranteed never to suffer from an allergic reaction to alcohol again. However for most people this is a difficult thing to do, alcohol plays a big part in social activities in the western world and some people find it too difficult to avoid it. The other option is to continue drinking alcohol and just live with the symptoms that occur. Some people are only affected by certain alcoholic drinks, for example they may suffer an allergic reaction to beer, but they may be fine when they drink vodka, so you may want to try different alcoholic beverages to see which ones do not have any effect on you, and once you find a few stick with them.

If you do have an alcohol allergy, but you still want to drink alcohol it is advisable that you do not drink too much, it is wise to just have one or two drinks because drinking too much may make the symptoms of this allergy more severe.

At the time of writing there are no treatments available for alcohol allergies, but if you do suffer an allergic reaction you can help yourself by doing the things that you would do if you were suffering from a hangover. One of the most helpful things you can do is drink a lot of water, this will help to eliminate stomach cramps and nausea. You should also avoid drinking tea or coffee because they contain caffeine which can make the symptoms worse, and you should avoid smoking because the nicotine in cigarettes can also make the symptoms worse.

Alcohol allergies can be an inconvenience but following the steps in this article can make them easier to deal with.

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