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What Are Air Allergens And Air Allergies? Asthma Prevention


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An allergy is a condition in which your body's immune system reacts with unusual sensitivity to a certain substance or substances. These offending substances are called allergens, or “triggers". Allergens stimulate your body to produce antibodies that fight the invaders. The antibodies, in turn, cause special cells called mast cells to release a chemical called histamine. An excess of histamine is what results in allergy symptoms. (You may be familiar with the term antihistamine, a drug that works to block the excess histamine. )

There are many symptoms of an allergic reaction, which can vary greatly depending upon the person and the particular allergen. Common symptoms include respiratory problems such as sneezing, runny nose, or wheezing, as well as itchy, watery, or puffy eyes. These types of symptoms are especially common in hay fever. Some allergies may cause skin symptoms, such as itching, redness, rash, or lumps on the skin. Some allergies can even cause intestinal difficulties like abdominal cramps.

Allergens affect different people in different ways. While some people may be able to cuddle a kitten or walk effortlessly through a field of fresh-cut grass, others may not. Each person has an allergic threshold that allows him or her to tolerate small units of an allergen without manifesting symptoms. However, they can quickly become overloaded by greater exposure, or exposure to a combination of allergens. A person may “grow out of" an allergy or develop a new allergy later in life. It is also believed that emotional factors may trigger allergies.

Indoor air quality is a health problem in a home or at the office. The problem exists because the air we breathe indoors is polluted. The pollution comes from a myriad of sources such as toxins, pollutants, and noxious substances that can be found all around us. They are emitted by everything from rugs to people, from vacuum cleaners to furniture, from an air conditioner to the cleaning solutions used to keep things clean.

Allergies seem to have some link to heredity. (If both your parents have them, it's more likely you'll develop them). There is some belief that babies, who are not breastfed, are more predisposed to developing allergies. A depressed immune system can encourage the development of allergies.

Hay fever (allergic rhinitis) results from the presence of pollen, affecting mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and airways. There are three hay-fever seasons: February to May, late spring and summer, and fall (or ragweed pollen season).

Allergies to molds are brought on when cutting grass, harvesting crops, walking through fields/meadows or raking up leaves. Molds grow wherever it is damp and dark such as bathrooms, kitchens, garages and bins. These areas should be cleaned with an allergen formula cleaning solution.

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