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Air Purification and Air Cleaners for Allergy Relief

Mark E. Richardson

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Air Purification and Air Cleaners for Allergy Relief

Using an air purifier saved me many a sleepless night from sneezing and wheezing. Treating the air using an air purifier is a major step for you to eliminate airborne-based allergies and asthma attacks.

Here are several general considerations:

  • Your allergies are an immune system reaction to “outsiders”. Almost everything except air, and some food aroma, falls into that category.

  • For best results look for a 5-7 technology air purifier. That’s because you don’t always know whether your allergies are triggered by dust, mold, mildew, pollen, dander, etc.

  • Treat the bedroom to give your immune system rest instead of making it deal with dust, mold, pollen, etc. all night.

    The technology recommend by Doctors to prevent allergies is;

    1. HEPA – for animal dander, pollen, dust

    2. UV – for killing mildew, mold, viruses, bacteria etc.

    3. TiO2 – which enhances UV about 1,000%

    4. Washable Pre-Filter – this captures the big hair, etc. and saves the life of the HEPA.

    5. Activated Carbon – for chemicals

    6. Timed Ozone – Use a low dose in the room (0.025 PPM is healthy) a few hours before bed to knock out mold, mildew, etc. Find a unit that has timed ozone as too much can irritate the lungs.

    7. Negative Ion – to capture additional toxins/pollutants in the air

    8. Photo Catalytic – to attract and capture some toxins

    Some of the name Brand “Infomercial" Units like Oreck and Ionic Breeze are over-priced and do not include HEPA, still considered the best for allergies by Immunologists and Allergists.

    Other things to consider mfor preventing allergic reactions: allergic preventive bedding materials and pillows, etc. You can even find these now in stores like Target).

    Mark Richardson is an author, and former Health Practitioner who researches cutting edge health products. For video reviews, discounts, and consumer suggestions visit him at

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