Burn 340 Calories a Day with Aerobic Exercise


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Strengthen your heart and lungs and give your body a wonderful shape with Aerobics.

Aerobic Exercise – Improve your fitness the right way.


Aerobic exercise involves the manner of muscles drawing on oxygen in the blood as well as fats and glucose that increase cardiovascular endurance. Aerobics is done in order to improve fitness, burn calories, shape the body, strengthen physical well-being, and maintaining fitness. There are different types of Aerobics, apart from a Warm up, a Cardio part, and a Cool down. There is another lesson that consists of Floor work, and Stretching.

Your body is always burning some fat but if you want to lose weight, you need to increase your activity to the point where your body starts to let go of some of its fat reserves. That means sustaining some activity. It takes about 20 minutes of aerobic activity before the body starts to burn its fat deposit. And fat-burning has an added bonus: if you can get your body into its fat-burning range, your metabolism stays elevated even after you’ve stopped exercising –for up to six hours!

Exercising aerobically means you are basically doing two things: helping your body take in more oxygen, which strengthens your heart and lungs, and over time allows you to achieve more physical work that you could not without aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise also creates a situation in the body due to which fat that is stored somewhat out of reach, are accessed and burned in greater number than they are when you are at rest.

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