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Home Gym Workout Guides & Routines

Tom Kiser

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How often have you claimed your busy schedule is the reason you could not get to the gym? How many times have you skipped a workout you knew would make you feel better because of being lazy, tired, busy etc. ? Well, say good bye to the excuses! With the home gym workout routine you will have your answer to your busy schedule. The key to a successful home gym workout routine is scheduling yourself time. Even though you are

Working out at home, you still need to hold yourself accountable to your own body. Setting aside a little time will make your workouts less stressful

because you will already have that time framed for the activity.

Home gym workout routines can be tailored to meet your specific needs and available equipment. Start off with a treadmill walking program you can work legs and even tone abs and arms. You should always talk with your doctor before beginning any workout regimen, because they can help you tailor your routine to your health needs and abilities. Begin with moderate walking twenty minutes a day and this can go a long way to decrease your stress load, increase your energy level and tone your muscles.

Then start your weight training with weights or machines, should take no more then 30 minutes a day doing this.

Your body deserves your attention, and your schedule need not stand in the way. Try a home gym workout routine today and start shedding those unwanted pounds away! Remember take it slow for the first month, work your way up keep records of your routines your goals your failures! Also keep a log of your diet, write down your meals that you intake and try to find the calorie’s of each thing you put into your body. After awhile you will learn what works and what don’t work. Good luck.

Here are some idea’s on how to start out your home gym routine.


Day one.

20 minutes walk either around your neighborhood or a tread mill, or a bike.

Day 2

20 minutes cardio either walking or biking. Then:

1. Seated Hip Abduction

2. Seated Hip Adduction

3. Seated Straight Leg Calf Raise

4. Chest Fly

5. Incline Bench Press

Day 3 Cardio rest

Day 4

20 min cardio then

1. Shoulder Pullover

2. Shoulder Shrug

3. Standing Biceps Curl

4. Seated Wrist Curl

5. Seated Wrist Extension

Day 5 Day 3 Cardio rest

Take Day 6 and 7 off.

Then the following week start over but different.

Day 1 Cardio then:

1. Leg Curl

2. Leg Extension

3. Standing Lateral Shoulder Raise

4. Seated Shoulder Press

5. Rear Deltoid Row

Day 2 Cardio and rest

Day 3 Cardio Then

1. Decline Press

2. Reverse Curl

3. Seated Triceps Extension

4. Low Back Extension

5. Abdominal Crunch

Day 4 Day 3 Cardio rest

Day 5,6,7 take off and rest and start over doing the program above!


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