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Weight Loss Cardio Workout The Best Cardio Workout

Roger Ruzzier

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Soby now you have heard that cardio is the best exercise for fat loss so you are looking for weight loss cardio workouts that will work best, right? The best cardio workouts contain variety. Here is why. . .

You keep your body thinking. You see, once your boy get used to certain steady workouts such as low impact cardio for long periods it get used to it, decreasing the effectiveness of the workout and hence less calories burned. The second reason you need variety is because you don't want to get bored right, so change it up!

The example best cardio workout below can be performed with any exercise that will raise your heart rate enough to be slightly out of breath and work up a sweat, i. e. Treadmill, cycling, rowing, swimming, jogging, running, etc. Best part about it is that it only lasts for 22 minutes, so no more long boring 45 minute or more sessions!

EHIIT - Exciting High Intensity Interval Training Weight Loss Cardio Workout (stretch before hand)

  • First 2 minutes - warm up at a comfortable pace, so just enough that you can talk as well as exercise.
  • 3rd minute - Increase to HIGH intensity so that you are unable to talk anymore and your focus is just on that exercise, you want to be puffing by the end of the minute and these are the intervals that will work up a sweat for you.
  • 4th minute - Decrease your intensity to being between warm up level and High intensity, so it will be your MID Intensity range, you could once again talk to someone here.
  • 5th to 20th minute - Alternate between the HIGH intensity and MID intensity levels each minute up until you've done 20 minutes in total.
  • Last 2 minutes - Cool down and stretch afterwards.

Total workout time: 22 minutes

This weight loss cardio workout has become one of the most popular over recent times put simply, it works! It is also very adjustable meaning that when you when you have lost weight and can push to the next level (say on the treadmill), you can still apply the same HIGH - MID intervals for the 20-30 minutes. The best cardio workouts don't have to be long winded and boring, so replace your old routines with this EHIIT technique, 2-3 times per week and watch the fat fall off. Get more great advice at FatBodySlim below.

Roger Ruzzier is a Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach with expertise in Weight Loss. Learn the Secrets that Weight Loss Companies Don't Want You to Know - - Eat More, Burn More Fat. . . Quicker and Easier!


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