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The Best Fat Burning Aerobic Exercises


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Aerobic or cardio exercises are necessary for your personal fat loss programme.
They are successful if you combine them with proper nutrition, weight lifting and
nutrition. However most people don't have a clue how to do them correctly. Let's
face it its very annoying to spend your time on something that doesn't work. In this
article you learn the correct way to burn body fat trough cardio exercises.

Why cardio for fat loss

When you want to lose body fat you have to create a calorie deficit. Creating a calorie
deficit can happens in two ways. Decrease your calorie intake from food or increasing
the amount of calories you burn trough exercises. It's not smart to starve the fat with
low calorie diets, instead do exercises to burn the fat and feed the muscle with good
nutrition. Almost all of the popular weight loss programmes fail because an extreme
decrease in calorie intake slows down the metabolism. An increase in activity speeds
up your metabolism. By doing regular cardio exercises and eating more often you get
a double boost in your metabolic rate.

The best aerobic exercises to do

Aerobic means with oxygen and for fat to be burned oxygen must be used. When it
comes to effective fat loss forget about tennis, basketball or golf. These exercises will
help may help you a little bit but in the first place they are for recreation. Basically for
aerobic exercises we can distinguish three major types. Low, moderate and high
intensity. Doing moderate or high intensity workouts is better than low intensity
workouts. The higher the intensity of the aerobic exercises are, the more calories you
will burn. Another advantage of high intensity workouts is that they raises your
metabolic rate to a higher level of the workout then exercises with a low intensity.

Duration of aerobic exercises

How long should your cardio workouts be? By doing cardio vascular exercises you
can achieve some health benefits such as decreased blood pressure, decreased blood
cholesterol or increased aerobic capacity. This can be achieved in a period between
twelve and twenty minutes. But if you stop after that period of time you won't burn
enough calories to get impact on fat loss. Therefore it is important to do aerobic
exercises for at least thirty minutes with a maximum of sixty minutes per session.

Weight lifting

The real key to lose fat is to combine weight lifting with aerobic exercises. If you do
too much cardio you can lose muscle although this does not happen occasionally.
Weigh lifting helps you to build muscles and the more muscles you have the faster
your metabolism works and the more stubborn body fat you will burn.

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