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Water Aerobics For Obese Women Looking For An Easy Exercise


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Obese women are often looking for easy exercises especially in the beginning of any weight loss or fitness program. The key if you are not active now, is to start slowly. Water aerobics is an easy exercise to begin with.

Water aerobics are one of the best non-weight bearing exercises that are completed in the water. Water workouts helps flexibility because you can bend and move your body in water in ways you cannot on land. Water aerobics also reduces risk of injury since water makes your body float. This keeps your joints from being pounded or jarred and helps prevent sore muscles and injury. Water exercises also keep you refreshed. You can keep cool in water, even when you are working hard. You do not need to know how to swim to work out in water, you can do shallow water or deep water exercises without needing to swim.

For shallow-water aerobics the water level should be between your waist and your chest. If the water is too shallow, it will be hard to move your arms underwater. If the water is deeper than chest-height, it will be hard to keep your feet on the pool bottom.

For deep-water workouts, most of your body is underwater. This means that your whole body will get a good workout. For safety and comfort, wear a foam belt or life jacket. Many swim centers offer classes in water workouts. Check with the pools in your area to find the best water workout for you.

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