Burn More Calories With Your Treadmill: 3 Easy Tips


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Treadmills are the number one exercise machines both for ease of use and for calories burned.

According to a study done by the Medical College of Wisconsin and the VA Medical Center in Milwaukee, calories burned on the treadmill for 60 minutes averaged 865 - 705. This beat out the stair machine, rowing machine, stationary cycle or even cross country ski machine.

But how do you get the MOST calorie bang for your buck? How do you superboost that calorie burn, especially if you don't have a lot of time to work out?

I asked this question of several personal trainers that write for our website and here's what they came up with.

These 3 easy tips will boost your calorie burn while on your treadmill AND possibly even after your workout!

#1) Walk Uphill

By using your treadmill incline, you are forcing the larger groups of muscles to work, thus burning more calories. You can often double or even triple the amount of calories you normally burn by walking on an incline.

Don't want to walk on an incline for 20 minutes straight?

Another way to double your calorie burning power is by doing incline intervals: walking on a steep incline for 1 - 2 minutes, then walking on a normal incline for 5 minutes (while you catch your breath) and then repeating.

Incline intervals are a powerful way to challenge your body: you don't allow your body to get used to the same workout routine and the same repetitive muscle motion. So the number of calories burned rises and STAYS high - even after your workout.

#2) Don’t Grip the Handrails

If you’ve been to many gyms, you’ve probably seen your fair share of people grasping onto the front or side handrails as they walk.

While it’s fine to touch them for balance, you shouldn't have to hold on. That actually burns less calories since your legs aren't doing the work by themselves - they're getting help from the treadmill frame.

Instead of holding on to the handrails, try lowering your intensity until you don't need to hold onto the handrails for support. Then, to build more calorie burning power into your workout swing your arms or carry 2 pound handweights to get an overall body workout. Overall, you'll be burning more calories this way than holding onto the handrails for support.

#3) Build in Speed Intervals

Just like incline intervals, this challenges your body to not only work harder while on your treadmill, but the higher calorie burn will continue after your workout.

Walk (or run) at your normal pace for 3 minutes and then do 30 -60 seconds at a faster pace (so that you're breathing heavily by the end of the interval). Then slow it down to your usual pace again for another 3 minutes.

You'll definitely feel the difference after your workout!

(Of course never push yourself so hard that you feel pain. If you ever do feel pain, slow your pace down right away and talk to a medical professional)

So there are 3 tips to help you burn more calories on your treadmill and keep your calorie burn high post workout. It's recommended that before starting any exercise program, you should consult your doctor. Remember that everyone is different. Don't compare yourself to anyone else but instead listen to your body and do what you can.

Before you know it, you'll have reached your fitness and weight loss goals!

Kathryn O'Neill is chief editor for Home Treadmill Reviews , a consumer oriented website focusing on the home treadmill market.

For the latest buying tips, brand reviews, and best buys, visit Treadmill Review at: http://www.treadmillreview.net


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