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Do you have mild to moderate acne? Have you tried every over-the-counter medication in the store? Does it seem to not only remain the same, but get worse? Well, you are not alone.

Trying different medications for your acne can actually cause your skin to act up due to the different chemicals that upset its Ph balance. A natural acne treatment is the best way to replenish your skin’s health and heal your acne.

Basically, a natural acne treatment is changing your diet, cleansing your internal organs and using herbal remedies to provide nutrients to organs. Prescription medicines, harsh chemicals and junk or processed food with food additives are all unnatural acne treatments.

Although severe acne needs serious attention, mild to moderate acne can be treated effectively by a natural acne treatment with natural herbs. These herbs will help even in diminishing acne. This Natural acne treatment is not from an exotic plant or rare species. This natural acne treatment is actually a part of common natural products and oils found in your home.

Spices keep your skin, digestive system and immune system healthy. Although they can do such good, they must be used in moderation. Raw spices can be used in healing rid of acne as a natural acne treatment.

As you may have guessed, fruits and vegetables are also a part of a natural acne treatment. They are both brilliant for your skin when applied directly. It is because of the minerals, essential oils and antioxidants.

Vegetables like cucumber cleanse your skin from excessive oiliness. You can extract the juice of vegetables, and put them on your face five minutes every day. Unfortunately, the natural acne treatment does not work overnight. You have to wait about a month before you start to notice serious results.

Because fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, they help you rid toxic body chemicals. It also transports nutrients to your body. Exfoliation is another natural acne treatment necessary in keeping skin acne-free. It sloughs off dead skin cells as well. Try this: use flour from your kitchen and add a tiny bit of turmeric and a few drops of coconut oil to make a face mask. It will soften skin and remove dead cells.

Regular use of the mask is a natural acne treatment that clears your complexion and stops acne from forming. You can also consider putting whole milk on your skin afterwards for a healthy glow and texture.

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