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What you shouldn't do for acne treatment

Joe Cabral

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Acne has been one of the major skin problems of teenagers and those moving in to adolescence. It lowers self-esteem and people even refrain from socializing because of loss of self-confidence. Certainly, hormones are reacting badly resulting in different skin problems and the most common of this is acne. Acne tends to increase in number when the skin gets irritated. Acne scars are as bad as acne itself because even though it is cured or healed, scars left on the skin will only be removed after continuous acne treatment. So even though people are using whatever reliable product or doing a traditional routine as an acne treatment, it is not sufficient. One must also refrain from doing things that contribute to acne. Here are the recommendations to avoid acne breakout and to prevent it from appearing while engaged in acne treatment.

First, skin reacts to the food we eat. It entails a lot of discipline to get what anybody wants and getting rid of acne is probably one of them. Sugar, cholesterol, carbohydrates and proteins has an effect on the skin either in a good or bad way. It all depends on the amount of intake. It is true that eating nutritious foods are good for the body. However those people suffering from acne breakout and under acne treatment must avoid eating foods with high sugar content like bananas, dried fruits and chocolates. Also, people suffering from acne breakout and undergoing acne treatment should avoid eating nuts because it is high in fats. Nuts here refer to walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds and peanuts. These nuts usually contain fatty acids and are high in omega-6. They add in the hormonal imbalance and will not do any good in acne treatment. The result? More acne breakout.

Second, acne sufferers should maintain proper hygiene throughout the body most especially in the face when having acne treatment. Skin gets irritated when the face is dirty and acne increases doubly. However, one must not overdo cleaning the face because it also irritates the skin when it is left too dry. The result of this is the release of fats from the skin which will aggravate the acne more. It might even result to ROSACEA, a skin disease that results from red rashes brought by skin infection. It is best to wash the face twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening before going to sleep. Use clean and soft towels in wiping the face and do not thoroughly wipe it.

Also, let alone the use of various beauty products for acne treatment and avoid using it one after the other. The skin gets worse because of the different chemicals applied in the skin. Avoid squeezing pimples because it will only aggravate the skin problem while having acne treatment.

Third, avoid stressing oneself. Hormones react in the body differently when stressed. It results in hormonal imbalance and it manifests through the acne outgrowth. Depression has psychological effect and at the same time physical effect on the body. Too much depression increases the acne outgrowth and it will not help the acne treatment . To prevent this, one must engage himself / herself in happy thoughts and sleep at least 8 hours a day.

I am a medical student living along the coastline in northern New England and besides overcoming acne myself, I often research and write about skin care topics like acne, scarring, moles, warts and the like. For more information, tips, and resources on acne treatmen t, you can visit us at .


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