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Medications To Avoid When Looking To Cure Acne


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There are countless products that you can research on the internet such as lotions, creams and a varied amount of alternative treatments to help you treat your acne. But what most people don't know is that there are many medications and products that can have an adverse effect on your condition and that you should steer clear of.

Medications to Stay Away From

One of the medications to stay away from for treating acne is a group of drugs called corticosteroids. These drugs are basically fake hormones and are used for treating hives and eczema. Because hormones have a direct relationship with acne, there is a problem with using corticosteroids because they can contribute to the problem of acne. If you are using this drug and need to cure your acne you might want to reduce the dosage or stop using it all together. Because this is a drug that is prescribed by a doctor you should consult with them before making any changes in your use of this drug.

There have been a lot of news stories in the last few years on one type of drug in particular and that involves athletes using steroids, and they are called Anabolic-androgenic steroids. Athletes that have been caught using these drugs have been fined, suspended or had their careers ended for using them. There are some extremely negative side effects from using these but the one that concerns us here is that using these can contribute to the buildup of acne. Acne is generated in men on the back, shoulders and chest while women see a buildup of acne on the face.

If you are using sedatives to treat stress, anxiety and restlessness and have acne then you need to look at stopping this drug. These are known as barbiturates, and they are highly addictive and are known to cause acne. If you are looking to cure your acne and are on these drugs you might want to look at changing your prescription.

Another medication that needs to be looked at is lithium. It is a mood stabilizer that helps people suffering with bi-polar disorder and depression. It works great for calming nerves and helping to regulate brain functions but it has been shown to cause acne breakouts. If you are on lithium and are experiencing an acne condition you might look into switching medications or find an acne treatment that is compatible with lithium.

Last but not least, is a drug called Dehydropiandrosterone which is also known as DHEA. You want to avoid this drug also known as an anti-aging hormone if you want to cure your acne. When you take this drug it is converted into testosterone by the body and has the effect of clogging your pores. You can experience a buildup of acne in various parts of the body.

There are many different kinds of medications, lotions and creams that can help you treat acne. However, taking any of the above medications can make it very difficult to cure your acne as each one contributes to the problem.

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