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Natural Acne Remedies


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Natural Cure for Acne

It is a major overreaction by most people that when they see a pimple to at once turn to medications or lotions to treat it. But you do not have to cover your face with lotions and creams to eliminate acne. You can apply some very simple lifestyle adjustments and apply a natural cure for acne that is just as or even better.

The oil that accumulates on your skin attracts dirt day and night and thus it is important to wash your face at least once and maybe 2 times a day with warm water and an unscented soap. If you do not wash sometime during the day, you are allowing dirt to attract to your skin and getting trapped in your pores causing acne. Despite this simple preventative measure, people who are prone to acne either do not follow this regimen or over do it by too much washing.

If you do not want to use soap, as some people think it dies their skin too much, try using a facial wash that you can buy at the grocery store or pharmacy. I have had great results with using a ph balanced cleanser and soap. Make sure that when you are done washing that you pat your skin dry with a soft towel so as not irritate your skin.

If you are a woman, then one of the easiest natural fixes to this problem is to use a water based make-up. When you use an oil based make-up it will clog up your pores very quickly and that is just asking for acne to appear. But, even if you are going to use a water based make-up, be sure that you remove it before going to bed. The three steps to removing are, cleansing, toning and moisturizing. This will remove excessive oil and dirt that has built up over the day.

Another tip to help is to avoid going in or too dusty and dirty areas. This might seem innocuous but if you have been in a dusty area try to wash your face at once. This dirt will immediately begin to mix with the oil on your skin and begin to react with it to create clogged pores.

Also on the list is to try and not touch your face with your fingers or hands. This transfers dirt from your hands to your face and is just another source of dirt that you can easily avoid. You're getting enough dirt on your face as it is so doing this one simple thing will greatly help out.

In the same vein as hands on your face you should also keep and loose hair off of your face as well. You do want to wash your hair on a regular basis to keep it clean just like your face. Your scalp can be the starting point for acne as the scalp produces a lot of oil. This makes the hair oily and if it falls onto your face that oil is transferred to your facial skin. This can be a cause or an adding condition to your acne.

The final thing to help you achieve and maintain a healthy complexion is to drink as much water as you can. Water is the mainstay of removing toxins and waste from your body which will not only help your complexion but your general health as well.

My name is Allan Stewart and I have several websites dedicated to health and well being for people and pets as well as product information. Want to learn more about Natural Acne Solutuions, go to: Natural acne remedies Or visit my website at Natural Solutions to Acne for more information about curing your acne naturally.


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