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Teens – It is right for you, 10 Natural Acne Treatment Tips


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Everybody wants a shiny, flawless, clear skin like Movie and TV commercial stars. Are you one among the people who search for Natural/Homemade Treatment over the Internet and in turn unable to achieve desired results after trying every online tip? Well, the mistake you are doing is that you have failed to understand your skin and body type.

Acne is a very common skin problem faced by everyone especially teens. It will probably become a worse day when you woke up with a pimple. This is particularly true with girls and women who tend to have an uncomfortable feeling and an unattractive look as well.

Why do I have Acne?

There are several factors that may be attributed to an outbreak of Acne,

Hormonal Imbalance: Hormonal imbalance such as “Polycystic Ovary Syndrome” is responsible for acne problem in women.

Heredity: Heredity may be another contributing factor to acne problem; however, even with a family history of acne, most people don’t have the same problem like their parents or ancestors.

Diet: Eating unhealthy junk food such as pizza, soft drinks, and chocolate can result in the formation of acne.

Chemicals in Cosmetics: Even the skin-care cosmetics/products that we use daily may cause Acne. Some cosmetics may be allergic to certain skin type and using those types of products may result in Acne breakouts.

Vitamin Deficiencies: If one is deficient of vitamins such as A, B, C, E, Chromium and Zinc, it is no wonder that he/she may get affected with acne.

Stress: Your lifestyle can take a toll on your facial skin, triggering acne. Not surprisingly, stress factors such as depression, tension, emotional anxiety play a starring role in the Acne formation.

Understanding your Skin & Body:

You may wonder as to how “Understanding Your Skin & Body” comes under Acne treatment. Knowing your skin type, oily, medium and dry, is a good start to treat Acne. Acne is an indirect way of your body signaling something wrong inside. If you know your skin type, it helps much in treating acne and other related problems.

Can Homemade Treatments help me?

Skin Experts and Dermatologists are against homemade treatments. Sometimes when you resort to bad tips, it might cause severe skin problems. Homemade treatments can give only temporary relief, depending on your body condition. That said, it can be concluded that treatment from a professional can only cure Acne problems.

Ignoring all these, would you still want to go in for Homemade Acne Treatments? Then be sure of using mild natural products. The most recommended natural remedy is using Lemon or Aloe Vera. When it is applied directly onto the skin, it may lead to skin irritation, and eventually skin damage. So, exercise caution while using not recommended tips for treating acne, which can result in the damage of your skin.

What about other Hi-Tech Anti-Acne Treatments?

Even though Laser Acne Treatment is being used in the Anti-Acne Treatment, it has a lot of drawbacks. Some of the side effects of the treatment include

* Dryness of skin
* Swelling
* Redness
* Minor discomforts
* Pain

And, above all, Laser Acne Treatment is quite expensive – it also requires multiple sittings in order to get cured completely. Even though Laser procedure is said to be the safest option, it may leave side effects such as rashes or burns.

Acne Medications:

It is always safe to consult a doctor or Dermatologist for Acne problems. The general Dermatologist prescription for acne is Benzoyl Peroxide, Benzac W, Panoxyl, which is used for mild-to-moderate Acne. It is highly recommended and reliable to seek expert medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment for your Acne outbreak or any other ailments. Pharmacy ) offers all kinds of Anti-Acne Prescription Medicines and Over the Counter Products at very affordable prices. For more information review at Acne Treatment .

General Skin Care Info:

Here is some useful general health information that can be followed to make your skin look healthier:

* Avoid oily food.
* Drink atleast 2 liters of water daily.
* Dandruff in hair can also cause acne, so it’s important to keep your hair clean.
* Don’t pinch or disturb the pimple.
* Don’t use strong products.
* Have a sound sleep for 7–8 hrs.
* Eat healthy food.
* Use sunscreen lotion if you are going out.
* Avoid smoking & drinking.
* Avoid wearing make-ups.

Get a professional help — Bring an end to all your Acne problems.


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