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Cameron Diaz Acne Exposed on HDTV


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With the introduction of HDTV we may see more than we want to of our favorite stars. With HD's high resolution pictures, actors and performers may soon be relying as much on their digital effects editors as they do on their makeup artists. Cameron Diaz acne is an example; her problem isn't new, she has had it since she was a teenager in high school. Not only pimples but she has had acne scars like many other adults. Analog TV has kept a lot of the stars secrets that HDTV is exposing to the world. Celebrity gossip columnists love catching her with no makeup on.

Cameron Diaz is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she still has breakouts from time to time. She has been around the block in her career as a professional Elite model for five years and then as a superstar actress in films such as The Mask, Something About Mary, My Best Friend's Wedding, Charlie's Angels and more recently with Ashton Kutcher in “What Happens in Vegas. " She is also beloved by all as the voice for Princess Fiona in the Shrek movie series. Cameron has revealed that she was extremely happy with voicing Fiona, as she was not in the limelight. Ms. Diaz said she was more than happy to let Fiona get all the attention, especially on days she was having a really bad skin day and dreaded doing close-up scenes especially with the advent of high def.

This is kind of relieving to all the acne sufferers out there; misery loves company and if they are famous, misery likes it better. Adult acne is very frustrating, severe acne is upsetting at any age but we all expected to grow out of it after we hit our twenties. Then we were 30 and still fighting pimples. Some of us still have blackheads and breakouts well into our forties and fifties.

Adult acne affects 25% of all adult men and 50% of adult women at some time in their adult lives. If you are plagued with severe adult acne, it is best to see a dermatologist. There are many medicines out there today to control acne and reduce scarring. I have listed some of the most prescribed here:

  • Retinoids such as Retin-A
  • Azelaic acid cream
  • Alpha-hydroxy acids, including glycolic acid, lactic acid, and gluconic acid
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Topical antibiotics - gels, lotions, and solutions
  • Antibiotic pills
  • Birth control pills for women
  • Accutane or Sotret for severe acne - cause birth defects. Women must not use if pregnant or planning to get pregnant in the near future
    Adult acne may be worsened by fluctuating hormonal levels, stress, cosmetics; the cause is unknown, but these things usually do bring on a breakout. No wonder Carmen Diaz has a problem; I am sure her life is filled with stress and lots of cosmetics and bright lights.

    For adults with acne scarring the dermatologist can perform several different procedures to improve the skin's appearance. Skin resurfacing with laser, dermabrasion, chemical peels, or electrosurgery all help to flatten out depressed scars. Soft tissue elevation with collagen or fat-filling products can elevate scars. Pitted scars can be corrected with microexcision and punch grafting. These dermatologic surgical treatments can make noticeable differences in appearance.

    You can't let adult acne get you down; it can be depressing especially when you are already depressed about the wrinkles that are beginning to show on your face. Eat healthy, exercise, see a dermatologist and follow his treatment plan and you will begin to see your acne come under control. You can't let something like a zit get you down; there is too much to see and do.

    Take a lesson from Cameron. . . she keeps going despite being attacked by regular acne breakouts and nasty gossip columnists. She is still pursuing her dreams on the rocky road of film production. The next time you get depressed because you have woke up with a big pimple on your nose, think of Cameron Diaz acne problem and her attitude will help you be positive about it. At least you won't be the topic of conversation on the talk shows.

    More information about acne, head on to where you can also find the truth about homemade acne treatments and acne pictures.

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    Exposed - Acne Treatments - Myths and Untruths
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