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Scalp Acne A Painful Condition


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Scalp acne is common in both men and women and it affects the people of all ages. It is also caused by certain micro-organisms like mites, bacteria and yeasts. This type of acne is treated in the same manner as the acne on face. It is the type that shows up on the scalp and near the hairline. It is identified by little pustules inside the scalp that are extremely itchy and usually very annoying on the front side of the hairline. It's not as common as some of the other types of acne such as facial acne but it is still very distressing for the sufferer. It is a skin inflammatory disorder of the scalp's hair follicles and is acquired due to the inflammation in the sebaceous glands and follicles of the hair because of the production of oil.

Acne control can be achieved by acne sufferers despite their age. Acne is a dreaded skin condition that plagues both teens and adults alike. It doesn't just hurt on the outside; it hurts on the inside too. It can appear on other parts of the body as well, but unless you're someone with acne in one of these ‘other’ areas, you may not have realized this. Acne on the scalp can be very common however it is generally a different type of condition than what occurs on the face and back.

Some people have many pustules on the hairline and some have few depending on the skin type. Some topical antibiotics used include clindamycin and erythromycin which can sometimes lead to dryness of the skin.

Severe forms of scalp acne must be treated only under dermatologist surveillance. People with nodules or cysts should also be treated by a dermatologist. Severe cases that continue to reoccur may need to be treated by performing laser removal on the infected follicle or follicles. Severe Forms of this form of acne are rare, but they are a great hardship to the people who experience them, and can be disfiguring-and, like all forms of acne, can have psychological effects on the sufferer.

Severe forms of this acne are usually black in color and appear over the entire scalp region covered with hair.

Treatment for mild scalp pimples can be as easy as buying an over the counter medication such as salicylic acid which will be applied with a cotton ball or wool. The mild form of this type of acne can be treated the way most other acne is treated.

Treatment of scalp acne is important so they don't leave pock type scars.
Hair care products designed especially to treat seborrhea have also been used successfully.

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most ideal medications for acne and has been one of the acne treaments of choice for quite some time. This medication comes both as a solution and as a cream. Benzoyl propels peroxide into the skin, releasing oxygen to kill anaerobic acne p bacteria.

Scalp acne isn't as talked about as ‘regular’ facial and back acne. However, it is very distressing and usually develops as small white-yellowish pustules due to huge stress. This form of acne is known as acne necrotica miliaris, and seems to flourish during times of high stress or when the scalp is oilier than normal. This condition is acne that develops on the skin under your hair, also known as your scalp. It is scientifically known as scalp folliculitis, which is an inflammatory disorder of the hair follicles in the scalp. This condition isn't as well known as “regular" acne, unless you have suffered with it.

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What Is Acne? A Quick Look At This Condition
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