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True Causes of Acne and Secrets Cure Acne Permanently


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True causes of acne & available treatment for acne

Do you know that acne is not a skin disease, but it is caused by toxins and hormonal imbalance in the body? Our bodies are constantly exposed to harmful toxins. Toxins enter our body and bloodstream through the food we eat, the polluted air we breath, the water we drink, and the chemicals from the personal and beauty products we use.

How the toxins build-up lead to acne problems
The body can eliminate toxins through the kidney, liver, and bowels. But when your body contains too much toxins, these organs get overloaded and cannot efficiently remove all of the toxins.

The body then need to resort to the skin as alternative channel of toxins elimination. The skin then becomes a fertile ground for the acne bacteria to thrive in. And when this happens, you have acne breakouts.

Toxins are harmful for the body and it can lead to other serious health issues besides acne. It is best to remove these harmful toxins from the body.

How hormonal imbalance can lead to acne
Another contributor of acne is hormonal imbalance. When you have hormonal imbalance, the sebaceous glands produce excessive amount of sebum or oil. The oil mixes with dead skin cells, which can clog the pores. The clogged pore makes the perfect environment for acne bacteria to thrive. This bacteria in the plugged follicle eventually leads to inflammation of the skin and cause pimples or acnes. Acne can be either mild, moderate or severe. For severe cases of acne, you should go visit a skin doctor.

As you can see, the 2 main contributors of acne are toxins build up in the body and excessive oil which clog the pores. Thus, to effectively treat your acne problem, you should take steps to remove toxins in your body and maintain a proper skin care routine to keep your pores from being clogged.

If your acne still persists, you should use an acne treatment system that fight acne from inside the body and outside the skin through a combination of herbal detoxifying supplements and a gentle, oily-free cleanser.

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