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Best Way to Get Rid of Blackheads Fast

David Marrow

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You can pinch, squeeze and extract, but that will just make matters worst. There is a better way to get rid of blackheads that won't cause more harm or do damage to your skin.

Unfortunately, squeezing tends to be the first thing people do. You brush you're teeth, look in the mirror, and you notice your blackheads. So you figure just a little pinching won't do any harm. Right?

Wrong. What happens when you have blackheads is your pores are clogged and filled with a combination of bacteria, dead skin cells and sebum (the natural oil your body produces to keep your skin moisturized). When you squeeze, you may remove some of the blackheads from the surface of your skin.

What happens underneath the skin is another story. You could be causing the pore to become permanently damaged or more clogged. You can also cause scarring. Have you ever noticed people with really large pores on their nose? That's what your face could look like if you squeeze.

There is a more proper way that can get rid of blackheads fast, and techniques you can use to make sure they never come back. It all starts with understanding what causes blackheads to form and then knowing the secrets to perfectly clear skin. A lot of them may seem ridiculous, but when you understand what is causing your blackhead acne, it makes total sense.

Take face washing, for instance. Most people that are acne prone tend to wash their face pretty frequently. They probably have oily skin, and they feel that washing their face gets rid of the oil. Unfortunately that's not the case. When you wash with harsh soaps or more than twice a day, you irritate the skin and dry it out. When this happens, your body goes into emergency mode and produces more sebum oil - which is exactly what causes acne in the first place. So while you are trying to get rid of blackheads, you are actually just making them worse.

There are several other common mistakes people make when it comes to treating their acne. Find out all the secrets to get rid of blackheads by downloading Blackhead Free for Life at:


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How To Get Rid Of Blackheads
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