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What You Should Look For Before Embarking on a Treatment Regime


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Research shows that certain food act as triggers to acne and other skin problems. Oily foods promote sebum production and will only help in worsening an acne situation. The only way to find out the truth would be to avoid such foods for a fortnight and check if the skin condition improves.

Treatment of acne

First, it is necessary to understand that treatment and control are two different issues as far as acne condition is concerned. Many drugstores advertise - “clear acne in 72 hours. " After reading the above, it is easy to understand and gauge how misleading such claims can be.

Fortunately, many therapies are available for controlling acne thus drastically reducing the after effects such as scars and damaged skin. A lot of care is required while deciding upon the therapy or treatment for the acne condition. Taking into account ones skin condition and pin pointing the actual cause of acne is very important here. Since acne is a condition that can last for long periods, it is important to opt for a proactive treatment of acne. Proactive here means that one should be aware of their own skin and should understand the treatment or therapy in details before opting for one.

Acne treatments are wide and varied. They range from a plethora of cleansers, creams, mild gels, dermabrasion, facials and laser treatments. Due to the variety available and misleading advertising, being proactive is very important to keep the skin safe and healthy. Moreover, acne treatment is not complete with only creams and therapies, but would need a complete lifestyle makeover. Changing one's cleaning habits, eating healthier diet and more raw foods will only help your skin condition, not only to treat acne but also to make your skin glow. Garbage in - Garbage out is a very old adage that holds completely well for an acne condition.

What works, is an entirely personal experience that differs from person to person. Hormonal treatments work wonders for many. Research believes that hormonal disorders or imbalances cause excessive oily skin levels and thus hormonal intake in the correct proportions can prevent acne. Acne formation initiates through increased production of masculinizing hormones during puberty resulting in excessive oil secretion and pore blockage. Hormone therapy works by the logic of arresting the excessive secretion of such hormones and stopping the cascading sequence of acne formation.

Going proactive is very important. Whatever be the reasons for acne that you have developed, selecting the right treatment to offset the actual cause is highly crucial to an acne control or treatment regime. Lifestyle changes are of course important, if not for anything, but for leading a healthier life. No acne treatment is known to have worked for many people and at the same time, no acne treatment if known not to work. Therefore, it is important to known the cause and then treat. Wishing you all the very best for a clear, healthy and glowing skin.


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