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Acne Hormones Why You Need to Address This Area to Clear Up Your Skin


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So in this article we are going to explore the area of acne hormones. This area needs to be understood and the principles applied in order to fully clear up acne.

Acne hormones are a misunderstood subject, and the usual theory is that excess androgens cause skin breakouts. This is actually not the case or is at least an incomplete picture.

The sequence goes like this.

Inflammatory hormones inflame body cells. This builds up into larger areas of inflammation around the body. Due to genetic disposition some people are sensitive to inflammation around the hair follicles. The sebaceous glands are found attached to the hair follicle and once they become inflamed they start to produce excess sebum.

The excess sebum from the sebaceous glands goes onto the skin and mixes with the bacteria everyone has on their skin. This mixture of sebum and skin bacteria causes an explosion of inflammation known as acne.

The key sentence in this sequence was the first one: Inflammatory hormones inflame body cells.

These inflammatory hormones are not particularly acne hormones. But due to genetics, some people are predisposed to manifesting acne when these inflammatory hormones become excessive. You now have a short but accurate idea of why you get acne. Now how to get rid of it. . .

As you can probably guess you need to reduce the levels of inflammatory hormones in your body. The cause of these hormones are in the most part food and stress. In the new area of health called inflammation scientists are discovering that specific food is inflammatory and one of the main foods is fatty oil-based substances.

To make a simplification then, oily foods are inflammatory, and although some fat is needed by the body, modern diets contain an excess of fat.

The other main cause of inflammation is stress. There are several excellent stress reduction techniques and practices available. Yoga for example has many studies to prove that it improves health and well being. This is most likely down to it's strong stress reducing effects.

Because we have no way to change our genetic make up, reducing our hormonal inflammation is the only way to really clear up our skin naturally.

David Rambai is an ex-acne sufferer and expert on how to cure acne naturally . David invites you to learn the truth about your acne and how to get clear skin.


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