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Everday Acne Treatments


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It is now stale news that there are numerous Acne treatments available in the market today. It is also not news that this also greatly increase the level decisions we need to make regarding the treatments we choose. This could be quite a daunting assignment. Lets review some Acne treatments available. Some common types of these topical treatments include: Alcohol based solutions, creams, foams, gels, lotions and ointments. Some of these Acne treatments are readily available but while some are only available by prescription.

For mild Acne treatments or occasional outbreaks, you would likely find treatment in your local drug store. Most over the counter medications contain some of the following ingredients and are effective for treating acne.

Sulfur: It helps in unclogging the pores and removing bacteria. It also helps reduce inflammation.
Benzoyl Peroxide: This compound causes acne to die by supplying the pores with much needed oxygen. It also causes the skin to be really dry meaning you would need a suitable moisturizer.
Tea Tree Oil: Many cleansers and toners have this oil as an ingredient. It helps kill Acne.

There are other ingredients that are effective against Acne but these other ones would be better prescribed by a dermatologist because of their strength, they should be used with care.

Accutane: This medication though very effective, should be taken with great care and never without your dermatologists prescription because it has dangerous side effects as bad as serious birth defects. It is a form of Vitamin A and it is best suited for usage for a short period of time especially for severe outbreaks.

Retin A: Also a derivative from Vitamin A and very effective, it doesn't have the adverse side effect of Accutane. Its only down side is that it thins and dries the skin meaning that you would need to use an effective sunscreen moisturizer. It can be used for extended periods and is used Topically.

Differin: Very similar to Retin A in its application method and source derived from that is Vitamin A. It is however less drying than Retin A though you still need a good sunscreen. If you use Retin A and discover that it is unsuitable for your skin, Differin would be a good alternative.
Antibiotics: It attacks the troublesome bacteria in the pores. However if used for extended periods, you could develop resistance to it so DO NOT use for long.

It is not strange that a product can be effective for sometime and suddenly becomes ineffective. As you use a product, you could either get resistant to it or the severity of your Acne has changed or even that another form of Acne has taken over. Whatever the case may be, be rest assured that their are enough products out their to help you tackle whatever Acne or general skin condition you face. If in confusion, its always safe to see your dermatologist.

Have a wonderful Acne free, healthy and youthful looking skin.

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Nurse's Acne Guide To Cheap Natural Acne Treatments You Can Do Today
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