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Acne Hormones The Real Cause of Acne?


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Are hormones the real cause of acne? Or this a myth? Find out the truth in this article. . .

Common causes of acne are excess sebum, bacteria on the skin, and hormones that are out of balance. But which is the real cause of acne? The truth is that all three are part of the development of acne but only one is at the root of the problem - acne hormones.

The sequence of the causes and effects of acne goes like this: “inflammatory hormones" are produced from external factors like food and stress. These inflammatory hormones cause negative effects in the body and lead to “cellular inflammation".

Cellular inflammation builds up and if genetically predisposed, can cause the inflammation of the hair follicle and sebum glands. This results in excess sebum production. The bacteria on the skin which everyone has mixes with the excess sebum, and an explosion of inflammation results. This is called acne.

So internally, acne starts off as hormonal inflammation. One type of acne hormone is called prostaglandin series 2, and is produced as a reaction to “inflammatory foods" like fats and oils. The reason this hormone doesn't cause acne in everyone is that not everyone is predisposed to getting acne from inflammation. Some people put on weight or get some other body effect.

In order to successfully treat acne reducing the amount of acne hormones like prostaglandin series 2 is necessary, as it stops the sequence of biological events that happen inside your body that lead to acne breakouts.

David Rambai is an ex-acne sufferer and expert on how to cure acne naturally . David invites you to try out his online acne system to get clear skin.


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