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Top 5 Tips to Get Rid of Pimples


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It's a common worst case scenario. Waking up the day before an important event to discover a big, red obtrusive pimple blaring on your skin for everyone to see right on your face in a prominent spot. Here's how to get rid of it quickly and safely:

1. Do not pinch squeeze or pick at a pimple. This only aggravates it to become more red and inflamed. If the pimple breaks, it will spread the acne causing bacteria to other parts of your skin. Breaking a pimple can also lead to scars.

2. Clean your face with a soft soap at most twice a day regardless of the type of skin you have (dry or oily).

3. Apply a cream or lotion that contains benozyl peroxide or salicylic acid. If your acne is moderate to severe, get one that has both

4. Wear oil-free makeup. These types have less of a tendency to cause the pore buildup that results in blemishes.

5. In absolutely desperate situations, you might consider trying tetracycline. These are very powerful and are known to show guaranteed and quick results in clearing out acne. But there are significant risks to trying these anti biotics, they are expensive and need a doctor's prescription which may be hard to get.

If you follow these tips with continuously you are sure to see good improvements in your acne.

There is however one more way to clear your acne. Implementing this one change in your life could reduce your acne by up to 90%. This one change could save $100s on acne creams and lotions.

Change your diet.

Recent scientific studies have been found a correlation between diet and acne production. The exact changes that you have to make to reduce your acne is described in ‘The Anti Acne Diet Book’ available for download here:


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Find Out How to Get Rid of Pimples - Five Tips You Can Implement This Second
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