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Foolproof Acne Medicine Does it Really Exist?


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In short, if you're looking for a wonder acne medicine cure, you can stop looking now. There's no one product, potion, cream, steroid, injection, tablet or acne laser treatment that will 100% guaranteed cure acne. Anyone that claims otherwise is simply trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Although with that said, the truth about acne medicines might surprise you. There is no single cure, but there are several. You see, acne medicine comes in many different shapes and sizes, just like acne sufferers do. Because there are many different types of acne along with several distinct causes, we need different acne treatments in order to address them all.

So, while there's no one guaranteed cure for acne, there are several that are definitely worth having a go at. The usual route is to go the over the counter creams and topical lotions first, and if trying several of those (up to the most expensive “designer" brands) doesn't work, then you step up to the local dermatologist. He'll probably recommend some more expensive prescription acne medicines which you'll try, and if they don't work you might go as far as giving laser acne treatment a go.

But, if zapping your face with a futuristic laser didn't work, you might want to get back to basics. Steroid creams do work well in many cases, but often they're expensive and not permanent. Laser treatment can have beneficial effects, but comes with risks of scarring and looking like a tomato for a few weeks. More drastic measures like dermabrasion are simply not worth thinking about.

So what is this mystical acne medicine that I'm alluding to? Well, it's natural therapies. Natural acne treatments are cheap, easy and very effective on a wide range of acne sufferers. Practioners of natural acne remedies consider acne as a symptom, rather than a condition. It is a symptom of a bigger inner problem, which when addressed and resolved will naturally clear up the acne.

Start this somewhat controversial acne medicine by taking a step back and having a good long look at your lifestyle and diet. Do you eat healthily, sensibly and in the correct amounts? Are you overweight, do you smoke, drink and take little exercise? Do you stay out all night in smoky clubs, get little sleep and then work long hours with nothing but sugary energy drinks to keep you going? Do you skip showering and washing your face most mornings because you're late for wherever it is that you're suppose to be?

If any of the above sounds at all familiar, you need to correct it first. Take acne seriously, and you can cure it very quickly which a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle. Even if none of the above applies to you, the approach that natural acne medicine takes is still very important, and just as likely to succeed.

Natural acne medicines have a long standing history of being highly successful, with countless case studies on chronic sufferers who have permanently cured their acne in as little as a 3 days. They're cheap and easy to do, and you can get started right away.

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