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Using Oysters to Heal Acne


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Deep within the oceans there is a surprising treatment for acne that not many people would consider to be an effective treatment for acne. But the surprising treatment is that of oysters, as they have amazing healing properties that can significantly increase the rate at which acne is healed.

Generally oysters are considered as a rare delicacy that for some reason the rich only eat. It is true that not everyone likes the taste of oysters or even their appearance. However the extract from oysters offer a fantastic way to get all the required benefits without the need to actually eat them.

If you are wondering how a oyster can prove to be beneficial it is because they contain a high level of an nutrient that is called bioactive enzymes, and this is found to be very useful in the treatment of acne and as well as preventing any acne scars to appear. Another valuable nutrient is that of zinc, and this quite similar to the synthetic zinc vitamin tablets that can be readily and easily purchased in most high street health stores.

As well as the nutrients mentioned already there is also other valuable healing properties that are contained in oysters such copper, magnesium and something also called selenium.

It may seem a little absurd to think that something that lies at the bottom of the ocean bed and that is surrounded by a shell can prove to be very effective in the treating and healing of acne on the skin. But despite this you really should not underestimate the power of the oyster when it comes to healing your acne.

Now we have mentioned that oyster extract is highly enriched with zinc and this is because it plays a key role in the development of over 300 enzyme reactions. For instance these reactions help to generate collagen within the skin and also maintain the skins elasticity. This is important to keep the skin soft and young looking too.

So when it comes to treating acne , the use of oysters will help generate new cell growth and so preventing the possibility of scars occurring on the skin. As well as this you also have the possibility of fighting off any infection especially the bacteria that causes acne.

One of the things that you need to avoid is food that is processed and high in fats. With the way that people are trying to manage careers, school and family life, it is understood why people choose to select fast and convenient foods. And what you should do is seek out fresh fruits and vegetables as well as drinking lots of water.

But again not all fruits are equal as some fruits are of a low quality and do not have high quality control procedures that are in force. And this also applies to oysters and these should be grown in waters that are clean in order to ensure that the high concentrations of nutrients are preserved and to ensure maximum benefit when healing acne prone skin.


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