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Is Acne Really Destined to Happen?


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Acne is just one of those that is quite likely to happen at some stage in your life. You will never quite know when it will happen or indeed if it actually will. Acne can strike when you are a teenager and continue in adulthood. Or you can miss it as a teenager and it can strike when you are an adult.

This skin condition can affect anyone and literally does affect everyone at some point in time during a persons life. What is worse about having to deal with acne is that you need to be very careful when caring for this condition otherwise you may have to be dealing with ugly scars that can be left behind.

There are many factors that actually affect the development of acne and as mentioned it can really happen at any stage in life. It generally occurs during the teenage years as that is when the body is changing are there are many hormonal changes that are taking place.

The first signs of acne, or the appearance of acne normally starts when a person is as young as twelve years of age.

Because acne is normally caused by hormonal changes what happens is that the oily glands within the skin are becoming overactive and as a result far too much oil is released that what the skin can successfully manage.

And when dead skin cells become trapped within this excess oil that is when inflammation starts and acne lesions then appear on the face, or in fact any other area of the body such as the back, chest and also the shoulders.

One thing that you should never do is to pick or squeeze the affected the areas with the intention of releasing the bacteria that is generally the pus. The reason for this is important and that is you could be causing more damage than you actually imagine.

For instance the bacteria can spread or even be pushed down further into the skin, and if you do get bacteria on your hands and you touch another part of your skin, there is nothing to say that you will not develop acne in others of the skin which are currently healthy.

It is important that you take care of your skin but not in a manner that is excessive or harsh. You need to care for your skin in a way that will help to reduce the excess oils, absorb the excess oils, stop any redness and inflammation and you need to be able to kill of the bacteria that is causing the acne.

This may sound like that you need to do a lot or that your oily skin care needs to perform a miracle. Well to some extent this is correct, but there are now many natural based skin care products that are able to do what is needed and you do not need to spend a great deal of money in order to obtain them.

But most of all you should never let your acne affect you emotionally otherwise you will already be beaten by your acne from the beginning.


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