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Acne Cure Diet Do Foods Cause Pimples?


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Some people swear that they can eat a ton of chocolate without breaking out. Is food an important factor in acne breakouts? Can an acne cure diet help reduce the number of pimples and inflammation? Years back a dermatologist wrote a book that suggested having saturated fats (ie beef fat and milk fat) increase acne flare ups.

I tried this and it was difficult since there were few fat free and low fat products unlike today. However, I noticed a significant difference in my skin quality and found that by cutting out whole milk and fatty cheeses my skin was clearing. Today fortunately, you can find skim based cheeses and non-fat as well as soy milks. Additionally you can get 99 percent fat free beef and fat-free yogurts.

Detoxing is a very helpful method to get rid of toxins and impurities and clearing your skin. There are different detox methods and it's important to carry it out and then have a well balanced diet subsequently. Fasting has been used for helping a number of conditions including rashes as well. A number of experts say that the colon cleansings are very important for general well being and health.

Keep a diary of the foods you eat and how they effect your skin. You can get some insight into this. I know when I was in acting school for the summer in England I broke out a lot from the custards that were high fat and eating a lot of butter on toast which I hadn't done previously.

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