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Does Acne Go Against Mother Nature?


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There have probably been a thousand books written as to why we have acne. They all try to address the usual questions like, where does it come from and how do I get rid of it! When it comes to treatments, which ones truly work and which ones are truly rubbish?

For the majority of people out there fighting their acne has that only meant one thing and that has been some type of drug or another. For most of us that has been the only way of life in treating acne but is it possible to treat acne naturally and be successful?

You will find a great deal of research material that will state that because of the many varied causes of acne, the natural approach does not produce very good results. I find that contrary to my research that indicates a very high success rate among those who follow the plans using natural products.

Yes, there are many different causes that can be associated with an outbreak of acne and it is vitally important that before any treatment program that you check with your physician or dermatologist to determine what they consider to be the root cause but natural treatments do exist and many of them are quite effective.

Finding out which natural products are most effective is really just the beginning. Nearly every natural approach to fighting acne involves a plan of action and your ability to follow through.

Even being on a course of medication prescribed by your doctor requires you to pay special attention and follow the plan. Without being diligent with either prescribed medication or natural products you must be will to follow through to be successful.

Remember, there is no cure for acne. It can only be treated and controlled. So no matter which plan of action you decide upon you may be surprised at the amount of control you achieve by trying some of the most advanced natural products on the market.

Blocked pores, swelling, oily skin, pain and inflammation are classic examples of an acne outbreak. Many of the natural products on the market today can effective and safely treat these symptoms.

When fighting acne it is also important to consider your diet. Foods themselves may not be the main culprit but many food we eat can have certain side effects that can actually worsen your acne outbreak. Acne itself is usually caused by more than one factor.

Environment can also play an important role. Exposure to different elements in our surroundings as well as stress can have an effect on acne as well. By knowing how to deal with these factors in conjunction with an all herbal approach can have a dramatic effect on the outcome.

There have been many books and products sold over the most recent years making claims of all sorts on curing your acne forever in 5 minutes. The truth is as I stated earlier that acne cannot be cured. That is just the facts and no product whether chemical or natural can treat it effectively in 5 minutes or even 24 to 48 hours.

Many of the reports I have been receiving from people all over the world are seeing results with 72 hours of starting an all natural acne program. It is important to remember that they are not completely acne free at this point but within one to two weeks they are seeing results that are better than those experience with chemical treatments

If you have been struggling with acne for any length of time and you are not seeing results with the medications you are currently taking, then I would urge you to investigate a more natural and holistic approach. I know many people reading this will pass it off and not possible. Let me tell you, you could not be more mistaken.

As with any treatment plan, especially those who are under the care of a physician and are taking prescription medications, always contact your doctors and discuss the possibility of tying a natural approach. Never, ever discontinue medications without the approval of your doctor. This cannot be stated enough. It is very important that if you consider fighting your acne on a more natural level that your physician advise you on how to make the switch easily and effectively. was developed by Barry Crewse and is one of many sites created on skin care issues. Acne Medicine Man is devoted to helping those achieve radiant skin and improved quality of life. We offer a full line of acne products including our all inclusive Free Skin Care Analysis. It's free and available now. Stop by and learn how you can have healthy, vibrant skin in less time than you think!

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