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Why Your Hormones Are the Reason You Get Acne and How to Handle This Unwanted Health Problem


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In this article you're going to learn how hormones are a major reason for acne and how you can address this problem in order to get clear skin.

Acne is a signal that something is wrong with the body. In particular it's the hormonal system that is malfunctioning. This is due to the environment (stuff you can change) and genetics (stuff you can't change. ) Luckily you don't need to change genes to effectively address the malfunctioning hormonal system and get rid of your acne.

There are two main factors that cause hormonal malfunctioning, and unfortunately cleansers, topicals and other facial applications aren't a way to address this underlying hormonal malfunctioning. Yes you may see an improvement by using a specific cleanser for your acne, but you're unlikely to fully resolve the problem doing so.

Hormonal Malfunctioning Factor Number One

Bad nutrition. What is bad nutrition exactly?

It's when you put food into your body that causes hormonal inflammation (i. e. malfunctioning). These foods are quite common in our modern civilization and include fats like vegetable oil. Other aspects of bad nutrition are when you poison your body with additives and colourings and are mostly in foods labelled “junk".

Hormonal Malfunctioning Factor Number two

Lack of good nutrition. What's this then?

It's when you don't give the body enough quality rich nutrients, including all those vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. What's important is that you get this nutrients into your body in a state that your body can easily absorb. So that means you cannot expect to be getting the nutrition your body needs by taking multivitamins because your body can hardly absorb those nutrients as they are in an isolated, incomplete form!

This is why it's important to eat plenty of vegetables everyday, best of all in their natural raw state where their nutrient content hasn't been destroyed by heating them (cooking). Proper nutrition is vital to getting your hormonal system working properly and to fix the malfunctioning that is causing your acne.

David Rambai is an ex-acne sufferer and expert on how to cure acne naturally David invites you to learn the truth about your acne and how to get clear skin.


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Problem With Skin Psoriasis, Handle It!
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