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Factors That May Aggravate Your Acne Condition

Angela Tay

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These are certain factors known to aggravate acne. Be careful!

1) Stress

Acne often worsens during periods of stress and worry. Recall why you always seem to have a fierce breakout when it is always nearing your exams? It is not just a coincidence! Try to minimize your stress levels by engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthily, go for exercises and have good sleeping habits. Curbing your stress level will make you happier and tame your acne at the same time.

2) Picking at Your Acne Spots

I bet you are often guilty of this. It is always hard to resist picking and squeezing on acne spots with the impression that this will unblock the pimple and speed up the healing process. This is in fact a wrong impression and will often cause unnecessary injury to your skin. In the process of squeezing, you may also introduce bacteria and worsen the inflammation of your acne. You also risk getting darker and deeper scars that will take a longer time to heal.

3) Unsuitable cosmetic products

This is often the result of a vicious cycle of an acne sufferer. When you have acne, all you want to do is to cover up your blemishes and pimples with concealers, foundation, etc. Well, the more you break out, the more make-up you use right? This may in fact aggravate your acne as the cosmetic product you use may have comodogenic ingredients that worsens your condition instead.

4) Climate and Work Conditions

Acne tends to flare up in hot, humid climates and work environments. You may notice that after a long period of working at the kitchen, your acne might actually get worse! Under humid conditions, the outer layer of your skin might swell and block the opening of the sebaceous unit and cause acne to develop. Some jobs that require contact with certain chemicals may also aggravate acne. These chemicals include cutting oil in engineering and manufacturing industries, diesel oil in motor mechanics and others like insecticides, fungicides, etc.

5) Certain drugs and medications

Some drugs, like corticosteroids or testosterone pills that bodybuilders might use to build muscle mass may aggravate acne. Certain medical creams, especially those that are thick and oily, may worsen your acne situation if used excessively and inappropriately.

6) Premenstrual reasons

For ladies, many do observe a flare in their acne just before their menses. This is due to the fluctuations in hormone levels over the menstrual cycle. The acne breakouts usually come and go as the menses end. So men, you are still more fortunate in having one less aggravating factor!

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