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Protect Your Child From Acne With Acne Treatments That Work


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Teenagers and young adults have generally come to understand and accept that acne breakouts are a phase of life. For the pre-adolescent child however, they often find it frustrating and embarrassing, especially those who are the firsts to experience breakouts among their peers or friends. Often, these acne breakouts occur right after puberty, a very difficult and awkward time in a child's life. Luckily, there are few common solutions to prevent childhood acne.

For a growing child, an imbalanced diet is most likely, in many cases, the cause of child acne problems. This is accompanied by a spike in hormonal levels, but by stopping any other sources of acne, the acne will be much easier to treat. Parents should ensure that their children's daily diet is balanced with healthy doses of vitamins and minerals. Fruits and vegetables should be encouraged after and between meals as they can do wonders to maintain healthy skin. Avoid fried foods, reprocessed foods, and other junk foods. These types of food don't cause acne, but they are connected with the surge in hormonal levels. Hormones have been shown to increase sebum production in the skin, and eating greasy foods and contributing to the excessive oil production will not be of any help.

It is common for an average child that experiences acne to scratch their faces and try to remove the lumps by themselves - natural instincts and reflexes. Dirt and other types of bacteria can be easily transferred from their hands, fingernails to the face and cause minor infection sufficient to produce more acne. If they do have this habit and find it difficult not to instinctively scratch the little lumps, teach them and cultivate a habit of washing their hands before and after they do something with it, every single time! Enlighten them on the issues of personal hygiene. Permanent scarring can arise if this continues - scarring costs so much more to remove than acne ever will.

Children that have not been taught to wash their face, will most probably not. In the event that they do, it is most likely scrubbing their faces with bar soap or just rubbing their hands on their faces and splashing water. Parents are advised to select an alcohol free, oil free, gentle and mild cleanser for the face. Show them the right method and cultivate the habit of washing their face at least twice a day. Even better, parents should wash their faces together with the child.

And once the child can start to wash his/her own face, remind them frequently to keep their hands off their faces!

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