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Fruits and Vegetables - The Latest Cure to Acne?


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You might be familiar with the experience of standing before the tall aisle of an abundant choice of acne treatment creams, but before you go on your way searching for another decent acne cream, you may be interested in a few acne home remedies. Fruits and vegetables, believe it or not, have been helping acne sufferers reduce their acne. You never know; it may work a lot better and prove healthier than the stuff that comes in tubes and cost a bomb over time. Fruits and vegetables may not be the all-time cure, but when they are taken into your diet, it may help treat acne. And who doesn't love fruits?

Yes, you can enjoy the effects of acne prevention simply by eating fruit. When you can have your favourite fruit and battle the spots on your faces at the very same time, nothing gives you a better sense of satisfaction. Some of the fruits that help clear your acne include apples, strawberries, and most other fruits that are rich in vitamin C.

To some people, keeping the doctor away by eating an apple a day is simply a myth. Well, that may be a myth indeed but with two apples each day, you can keep acne away. Just make sure that when you do this, the skin has to be consumed because it is the apple skin that contains pectin cleanses your body and gets rid of toxins.

Strawberries aren't only yummy, but their alpha-hydroxyl acid gets rid of your skin's dead cells and causes new ones to take their place hence, helping the process of clearing out acne. Clogged pores are formed from a mixture of dead skin cells and sebum, so by clearing off the dead skin cells, the sebum can easily flow out of the pores, reducing the probability of acne.

All fruits rich in vitamin C are good for the skin as vitamin C works well in cleaning the skin. Therefore, it is safe to label all citrus fruits as fruits of choice when it comes to the prevention as well as removal of acne.

Apart from eating these fruits, some fruits can be used to treat pimples directly in the event of an outbreak.

One effective method is to put the strawberry leaves on and around the affected area. 15-20 minutes of strawberry leaf treatment a day should rid your face of the pimples quick enough. Another quick method of treating acne breakouts is just by eating only raw fruits and vegetables for the next few days. These fruits and vegetables are known to help improve acne, and acne cannot form when you aren't eating any foods containing oil.

The mixture of freshly squeezed lemon juice and rosewater is also a recommended remedy as it revitalizes your skin apart from being the usual skin clearer. This should be applied on the skin for 15 minutes daily for a course of 15 days for it to be effective. Another remedy is a paste made of orange peel that is grounded mixed with a little bit of water. When applied to the skin, this paste is most likely to rid the acne of your face.

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Fruits and Vegetables Good for Your Livers
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