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Fast And Easy Acne Cure - Quick 3 Step Acne Clearing Method!

Michelle Donaldson

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This 3 step process is really simple to follow and really effective. It pans out like this:

Step 1: Removal of dead skin

Step 2: Unclogging and unplugging of pores

Step 3: Kill those pesky bacteria!

Removal of dead skin:

The first and most important step is to get rid of all the dead skin that is clogging up your pores. This can be done easily using salicylic acid. You can get this cheaply in your local drug store. It's good because it has anti inflammatory properties and it will reduce any swelling you have.

Unclogging & unplugging of pores:

After getting rid of the dead skin, the next logical step would be to unclog and unplug the pores from your face. Glycolic acid will work its wonders here. Again, this can be gotten very cheaply at all good drug stores. Look for one which has 7% - 10% glycolic acid in it.

Killing the bacteria:

This is the final part of this easy 3 step acne removal process. The first 2 steps above have already done most of the job in killing bacteria but there will be some left so this final step will dispose of the last bit of bacteria. Use benzoyl peroxide for this. Do this at night - rub ice over infected area to cool it and reduce the swelling and then proceed to use the benzoyl peroxide on it.

So there you have it! A simple but extremely effective way to getting rid of those irritating pimples! Note that it might take up till 6 weeks to see any positive effect or results.

Can't wait 6 weeks? This 'underground acne clear method' will have your acne cleared within days - not weeks! This is a permanent and lasting solution to your acne problems; check out hot to be great looking pimple free skin now!


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Cure your Acne Fast - Your Make-Up and Acne
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