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How Can I Clear My Acne? How Natural Acne Treatments Can Make You 100% Acne Free


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Acne can be an embarrassing predicament for any person to have to live with. It can make you feel self conscious, unattractive and can also be painful. The causes of acne are varied in a case by case basis.

Oil glands are the usual culprit. When your skin glands are overactive there can be an overabundance of oil that is excreted by your pores. This causes excess build up in your pores which causes, inflammation then acne can occur. In like fashion, an overabundance of oil can cause your pores to become blocked. This creates bacteria which causes, you guessed it, acne.

In cases of extreme acne, there are solutions one can look into in order to alleviate the problem or soften its effects. Choosing between natural cures and medical treatments may not be cut and dry.

Along the medicated front, there are many, many products available for sufferers of acne. Oral Antibiotics are a popular choice. There are several choices to be made from Erythromycin and Tetracycline (as well as its derivatives) to doxycycline and minocycline. All have an affect on acne but use of these oral antibiotics can cause your body to adjust to them and then prove to be ineffective.

Topical solutions are often sold over the counter and can be either really cheap or really expensive. These treatments use chemicals that are naturally found within the human body to dissipate the oils and bacteria that cause acne. The side effects can be long lasting and troublesome from sores and rashes to burning and overly dry skin and, in most cases, these side effects last longer than the actual treatment itself.

In the end, the best course of action is the natural one. Creams and lotions can have great affect to your skins’ oily nature and rid it of those pesky bacteria that causes acne in the first place. Though always nearly topical they soothe the skin, open the pours and rid you of the oils that make acne a problem. What is more is they are relatively inexpensive and have no side effects even remotely as troubling as prescribed medications.

The next time you are at the drug store and you need a solution to your acne problems, then please ignore those harsh astringents or medically prescribed, side effect riddled solutions. All natural cures and aids are best suited for anyone who wants a long-term solution to a life-long problem.

Some of the solutions you will find on the market for natural remedies is something known as Tea Tree Oil, which releases the pores to allow your skin to breath effectively. Other sources would be Aloe Vera, Zinc and even Vitamin A. All of these have had great success with curing and treating acne. All with zero side effects.

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