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Should You Consider Rose Water As An Acne Cure?


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There are lots of things people suggest to use to help with acne. Some of them are helpful, some are harmful, and some lie somewhere in between. Rose water is one of those in between things, it will neither help nor hurt, but as with most things, it may not hurt to try, as long as your expectations are realistic.

Rose water is the hydrosol portion of the distillate of rose petals, and is used for perfume, as a food flavoring, and is often used in religious ceremonies, either directly, or through incense. It can also be found in many cosmetic products, as it helps to moisten and soothe certain kinds of skin. If you look at many popular moisturizing creams, you'll find it as an ingredient, though normally as an “inactive" one. It will also have the benefit of making your skin's aroma quite pleasant, but that's not what we're after.

Note, in none of that statement did we mention its effect on acne, pore blockages, detoxification, or anything of the sort. That's because its effect is negligible at best, non-existent at worst. If you are looking for a natural treatment for acne, rose water isn't going to help you. That's not to say that natural treatments don't exist, or that rose water isn't good for other things.

For instance, rose water is a very good treatment for dry skin, which can sometimes be a contributor to an acne problem. But, to stress, the connection here is tenuous. Dry skin alone is rarely a cause of acne, and hoping that doing this one thing will help is likely to disappoint. But, just like flossing your teeth is unlikely to help with your acne, it may be something you consider for your regular health regimen.

Should you wish to treat yourself with rose water, you have two choices, other than buying it as one of many ingredients in a cream. You can either use it as an astringent, and use it to cleanse your skin using a pad or cotton ball, or you can get rose petal powder, and use it in a steam bath. There are plenty of contraptions on the market that will let you do this. Both are likely to have the desired effect of softening and moisturizing, something which may be something good, but not exactly what we're looking for.

You may find that your skin is softer, or less dry, but as an acne cure, rose water gets a failing grade.

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