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High Grade Zinc Vitamins And Fish Oil Tablets Cure Acne


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This week multiple studies from university students around the globe concluding that high grade zinc tablets taken in combination with high grade fish oil tablets are better for curing acne than any other antibiotic or stronger internal drug on the market. The study showed that minomycin had the lowest success rate, with roaccutane having a higher success rate but more side effects. The zinc and fish oil tablets had a higher success rate then the other two forms of popular internal antibiotics with no side effects.

Here are some reasons why fish oil tablets and zinc tablets are so successful:

1. Fish oil is extremely high in omega three which plays a major role in curing diseases and conditions of the skin.

2. Zinc is a vitamin which plays a similar role to that of fish oil, although it is more powerful and is capable of defeating acne and other skin conditions even quicker.

3. Both tablets have little to no side effects. They do not require a prescription and are a lot cheaper than other acne medications.

4. In a lot of cases where roaccutane and minomycin have not worked on patients, these natural vitamins have been successful.

Zinc and fish oil have been used to cure skin diseases for hundreds of years. These findings supported by a lot of university and college students in Australia and the United States of America show the power in natural healing and natural products. With little to no side effects the benefits seem to far outweigh the disadvantages.

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A Look at the Health Benefits of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil Supplements
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