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Acne Natural Treatment With Home Remedies


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Acne- the word itself is a big issue with most of us. But why so? Acne is not as dangerous as cancer or say aids, that cannot becured. In fact, it is easy to get rid of acne. What you need for this is a bit of change in your habits including cleanliness of your skin, your diet and your routine. Its not that you will have to leave your home and shift on to Himalayas! You have to live a normal life thereby bringing some changes in your daily living habits.

Acne is the blockage of the skin pores with the inflammation of the sebaceous glands of your skin and this is due to the dead skin cells. This blockage occurs due to a change in the quality or the quantity of the oils or the sebum produced by these glands. And as a result, the pores of your skin get closed causing whiteheads and the opening of the pores is called blackheads. If not cured, they cause an infection inside resulting into acne.

As there is no proven fixed diet for acne sufferers but yes, there are a few things that should be strictly avoided to get rid of acne forever. Like do not go for milk products and oily and fatty foods in excess, instead replace them with fresh juicy and seasonal fruits containing a lot fiber in them and drink as much filtered water as you can. Juices with preservatives in them should be avoided as fresh fruits are a much better option.

Do not forget to clean your face and neck with a good glycerin soap with warm water to keep your face free from dirt and harmful oils. Also, apply some good moisturizer before you go to bed if you still feel your skin dry.

One more important thing is, do change your pillow cover as soon as possible. As our skin releases some oils when we are sleeping

and these oils should not come in contact again the other day. If not daily, then do change them on the alternate days. This you have to do as long as your skin is in trouble. After you get clear of acne, then you can change the pillow covers after 3-4 days and please, not more than that.

As some researches also say that acne is sometimes the result of lack of sleep and rest. In other words, stress due to anything, causes outburst of acne in some. So, to avoid further risks, take proper rest and sleep to stay from rest. This will definitely help you in getting rid of acne.

I bet, if you follow the above discussed tips in your daily routine, then you will definitely find it easier to cope up with this acne trouble.

But what if you want something more than this, like some quick and effective home remedies? So, here is something really helpful for you guys- go for these simple to use acne home remedies to get a clean and clear skin forever.

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Natural Acne Skin Care Treatment-Cure Your Acne From Your Home!
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