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Male Acne And The Myth That Skin Care Is Just For Women


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The notion that skin care is a woman's past time is a myth that needs to be let go. There are many guys out there who take the appearance of their skin very seriously. And why not? Acne affects more men than women and even guys can be very self conscious about their skin's appearance.

    The Reality Of Being A Man
For most men facial and body acne is a reality that they must deal with every day. A guy's life is often very active and exposes his skin to many pollutants and particles either through the working environment or the rigors of physical activity and sports.

    Natural Production of Oil
A man's body produces a lot of natural oils and even they are susceptible to fluctuations in hormones, especially testosterone. And many guys tend to sweat alot which helps to promote acne breakouts. As guys get older their acne changes from the typical teenage acne with pimples, whiteheads and blackheads to an adult version called Rosacea Acne.

    Adult Acne Vs. Teen Acne
Rosacea acne is a redness flushing of the face accompanied with acne but does not include blackheads. Rosacea Acne can be stubborn to treat and is brought on by many factors like alcohol, the sun, stress and physical activity. All of these promote the flushing of the skin and this is what causes the redness and inflammation in the skin's appearance.

    The Male Skin Care Routine
So as more and more men are focusing on how they can stop and get rid of their facial and body acne we need to take a closer look at what's in their bathroom medicine cabinet and the roles that each of the products play in the man's skin care routine. For a deeper analysis of male skin care products from shaving gels to exfoliants visit the page Skin Care For Men-What's In Your Cabinet?

Any man who cares enough about his physical health and appearance should take that same enthusiasm and work at getting clear skin that is blemish free. Not every guy has a problem with acne, many guys have a problem with very oily skin, or dry skin that is easily irritated from shaving. In fact, there are many guys out there who still don't know the proper way to shave to reduce the irritation to the skin and eliminate future breakouts.

    For The Business Man
Maybe you are an busy guy who travels a lot for work and you want a skin care kit that fits your needs while you are on the road?

Well you can find this and more tips just for men that relate to skin care and acne prevention just by visiting the page Guide To Clear Skin - Skin Care For Men .


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Acne Skin Care - Do You Know The Importance Of Acne Skin Care?
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