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Get Rid Of Acne - Important Habits That Can Help Prevent Breakouts


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Acne breakouts can be treated by using OTC and prescribed medications. But aside from resorting into treatments and hormone therapies, you can also make your skin blemish-free by practicing these daily healthy habits:

  • Cleanse your face – Cleansing your face daily to avoid zits doesn't mean that acne is caused by dirt. In fact, dirt has nothing to do with your acne breakouts. This daily cleansing habit helps prevent acne breakouts by temporarily removing the surface oils and by exfoliating your skin, especially if the facial wash you use has cleansing beads or an exfoliating agent. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells – stuff that can block your pores, making your skin more prone to acne.

    This acne-preventing habit can also remove excess sweat after working out. Sweat doesn't really cause zits. It's the excess perspiration that gets stuck on your skin that helps create a moist environment for the pimple-causing bacteria to grow. Make sure that you cleanse your face two times a day since excessive washing can irritate your skin.

  • Avoid recycling make-up sponges or applicators – If you have a habit of covering your zits with a concealer, there's a possibility that the pimple-causing bacteria was transferred to your sponge. If you use this same sponge to apply concealer on other parts of your face, you might also be spreading the bacteria. As much as possible, wash the sponge regularly if you wish to use it again or use disposable applicators.
  • Stop picking on your zits – By making a habit of not picking or squeezing your zits, you are actually reducing your chances of spreading the pimple-causing bacteria to other parts of your face. You are also reducing your chances of infecting your pimple and of getting acne scars that can sometimes cause embarrassment or other psychological effects.
  • Regularly shampoo your locks if you have an oily scalp/hair – If your hair is oily, it might sometimes lead to zits on your forehead or on any area that regularly comes in contact with your greasy locks. If you have a very oily scalp, you can ask a dermatologist for an effective shampoo that can eliminate the oiliness without being harsh on your skin.
  • Avoid using oily hairstyling products – Some hair products contain oils that can cause acne breakouts. One such example is pomade, the culprit behind “pomade acne” because of its comedogenic nature. If you wish to apply pomade on your locks, try to keep it as far as possible from your forehead. Or, try to use alternative hairstyling products that are proven to be non-comedogenic – products that don't clog your pores.

  • Aside from these habits, you should also maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating fruits and veggies and by doing daily exercise. These habits may not get rid of zits in a flash but your skin will definitely thank you in the long run.

    Kat Daez is an in-house writer and skincare expert for an online media company, Intelligraph Corporation. Her current topics include information about acne and various treatment methods to get rid of acne. Check out for more information about healthy habits to get rid of acne


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