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How To Get Rid Of Acne By Avoiding The 3 Pitfalls


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Acne is a condition that plagues millions of people, especially adolescents. Unfortunately, when most people try to get rid of acne, they plunge into the pitfalls. Here's how to avoid them.

The 3 Acne Pitfalls
  1. Don't over wash
  2. Avoid only the foods you have to
  3. Watch out for stress medication
Washing Your Skin a Lot Won't Help
So many people think that bad skin is just a matter of poor hygiene. . . you wash enough and your problem will go away. Wrong! If you wash too much, you'll irritate your skin and make the acne worse. Folks, there is no evidence that acne is caused by dirt or surface skin oil. Frequent and hard scrubbing only hurts, it doesn't help. The best approach to acne and hygiene is to wash your face twice a day - gently! - and then pat it dry. And use a mild soap.

A Junk Food Diet Doesn't Cause Acne
Pizza, French fries, chocolate and hamburgers - boy, don't you just love that junk food? Well, most people do. But while this diet is not healthy, it won't cause acne or make it worse. Study after study has failed to reveal a link between diet and acne.

"But I know for a fact that some foods make my acne worse!" you might exclaim. All right then, avoid those foods. But the point is a junk food diet, in general, doesn't contribute to acne. However, it will contribute to poor health. So, eat a balanced diet, but don't worry about that occasional little “sinful" treat making your blemishes worse.

Stress is Bad, but Not for Acne
It seems we all have too much stress in our lives. And while stress causes many bad things, acne is not one of them. There is no direct link between acne and stress. However, some medication used to treat stress may induce acne. If you're taking a stress-relieving medication and your skin condition is getting worse (or you've developed acne), talk to your doctor. There may be an alternative medicine you can take.

You Don't Have to Put Up with Acne
Some people think acne is a problem they will just grow out of or it will just eventually go away on its own. And sometimes they're right. Acne will often quietly vanish over time. But why put up with it? You don't have to let acne “walk all over you. " You don't have to take it. Something can be done. There are plenty of treatment programs available. If your acne is severe, it would be a good idea to talk to a dermatologist. But the good news is you don't have to take it anymore. Yes - you can clear your skin!

Is there a way to get rid of your acne without costly lotions and potions and harsh drugs - naturally and quickly? Yes! Follow this link to discover how to get rid of your acne - forever.

Will Sharp is a free lance writer and full time researcher.


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