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When it comes to clearing up mild to severe acne homemade treatments have been used with great success by acne sufferers for many years. These treatments can be substituted in the place of prescription medications and over the counter creams and regiments. They are also of natural origin, are affordable to use, and do not have some of the hazardous side effects that typical medications may have.

The primary cause of acne is a bacteria that lives on the skin. It is harmless as long as it stays on the surface of the skin. It's when hair follicles or skin pores get clogged that the problems occur. This bacteria will enter the follicles and cause an infection which becomes an acne outbreak.

While a homemade remedy will take a longer to work sometimes the wait is worth it. . These remedies are natural, inexpensive, and do not have the potentially harmful side affects that some medications may have.

Some of the chemical ingredients found in the OTC creams and medications can actuallyr irritate skin, especially if it is sensitive. The alcohol that is found in some astringents will dry the skin. Which may cause the skin to flake or peel?

The best home remedy for acne is to wash the face two times per day with soap and water. You can also apply a simple facial mask to help keep the skin soft and supple. To reduce redness and inflammation a baking soda paste will help Homemade acne treatments are often used in substitute of prescription, OTC medications, and other forms of treatment. . The success of such treatments depends on the person. There are also other factors that effect the effectiveness of treatment such as hormones and the level of stress or anxiety the patient may have.

If you want some natural methods to clear acne please see my resource box because it will show you where you can find an acne solution one can use to cure it within three days.

Make Acne vanish in less than three days


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